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Is this normal?

Is it normal for my two does (netherland dwarfs) to hump all the time?!! It's always one on the other not the reverse. It's constant! The vet said I have two does but it makes me nervous. How can you tell if one ends up pregnant? Thanks
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two girls can hump each's a dominance issue. Just be careful that they don't start fighting. Depending on their age they might be in their 'teenage years' which is when their hormones come in. Having them speyed will keep that in check plus there are medical benefits to it as well.
If you want to double check that they are both girls take them to a different vet. Some vets don't even charge for a 'gender check.' Just do a ring around rabbit savy vets in your area and ask them how much it would cost, or alternatively you could ask a breeder

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Great advice from Carmen! My 2 females were ok till they reached puberty and then has a big fight, getting them spayed is the best solution.. Keep us informed..
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Thank you for your response about my two does humping all the time. It seems to have come to a halt all of a sudden. One other question I have is, they are now 4 months old. Do I continue to give them a full supply of food all day or do I need to cut back? Meaning they get pellets, some rabbit vegie dried food (in a can), and I give them carrot stems, apples etc daily. Is this too much? I have no idea how to tell if they are too fat.

Thanks, Lori
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Well they aren't two females!!

Thanks for your feedback. But I now have a pregnant doe. We're happy though. How do I tell when she will deliver the kits?

Lori Kekstadt
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Do you give them timothy hay? It is a very important part of the diet.

If she is pregnant you need to make sure she has her own cage and not let them out for play time together. He will breed with her again as soon as she has had the babies, if he is allowed to and also if in the same cage will most likely kill the babies, or she will kill them due to the stress of having him in the same cage.

Do you know the day they bred? If that is day 1, you should have babies on day 32. We would usually put a nestbox with hay in the cage on day 28.
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netherland dwarf, timothy hay

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