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I recently became the proud owner of a gorgeous lop eared 1 year old rabbit, rescued from our local animal shelter.
He has become an indoor rabbit and a member of the family. He has recently started to moult, and spends a tremendous amount of time grooming and I am worried about him getting hairballs. I brush him every day but occasionally his droppings are strung together with hair, which doesn't seem to cause him problems, but I presume is not good.
What else can I do, and how long and often will he moult.
Any ideas?
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That's good that you are brushing him every day...continue to do that!!! Having fur in his poos is not a good sign, you need to make sure he doesn't digest any more fur! Generally they moult twice in a year, and it can last for different amounts of time....mine usually moult for about 4-6 weeks.
I don't have many suggestions as to what to do with the fur in his poo thing, but stick around, I'm sure someone will be able to help you out on that one! I've never dealt with it so I don't know.

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Find some Petromalt for rabbits. It is a rabbit hairball prevention. Also, you can give him some fresh pineapple or some pineapple juice. The enzymes in pineapple break down proteins, including those used to make hair and fur. Papaya or papaya tablets can also help break up hairballs.

How long and how often a rabbit moults depends on its genetics as well as its environement. A rabbit moults at least once a year. The best show lines moult only once a year and for a fairly short period of time (2 months maximum to fully complete the moult). Of course, there are not many rabbits that moult like that. Some moult several times a year. Some take forever to finish out a moult. I had one that was in a moult at least half of the year. He moulted more than once and he held onto the moult for a long time. Lops (except english lops) have somewhat longer, finer fur than more short-haired rabbits, and the moult tends to be worse because of that.

Keep up with the brushing and put him on at least one of the three hairball preventions I mentioned above and he should be fine. Just watch for signs of hairballs, especially if he stops eating. As long as he is eating it is doubtful he has any kind of blockage like a hairball, but the hairs in the poop does mean he is injesting fur.
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The brushing is very good! Keep up the good work. Can't you also put a bit of pineapple juice in the water or just give him that to drink? I thought I read that it helps with hairballs.
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Millimi, read my post right above yours. LOL. :-D It talks about pineapple and pineapple juice. The best way is straight rather than diluted in water, and fresh pineapple is better than canned pineapple juice because it is not processed.
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