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Unhappy Ollie thinks our couch is his littler box

We have had Ollie for 2 weeks now. I've managed to littler train him in his cage pretty well. He will pee in it and poo sometimes.

When he comes out for play time he will mostly hang out in the living room with us. He always seems to hop up on the couch and either pee poo or both up there. I clean it up right away and put him in his cage afterwards, or if I catch him doing it he goes in his cage and I set him in his litter box.

I don't know what else to do, he has a litter box in the living room but won't use it.
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make sure you spray the place(s) that he has peed on the couch with white vinegar - it works better if you don't dillute it. i hate the smell so what i would do is clean the spot with pet carpet cleaner, spray it with white vinegar, let it dry, then clean it again with the carpet cleaner to take away the vinegar smell.

letting the vinegar sit and dry will penetrate the spot and dissolve the urine smell so he won't smell the spot and pee there again.

keeping a litterbox in the den while he plays is an excellent idea, maybe even put a few of his poopy balls in it so he knows it's his.

good luck!!
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ah i know the feeling well!!
firstly is he neutered? usually makes it easier although oscar has a go every now and then..if strangers have been in house!
get some kitchen roll or even a paper hankie and soak up as much of the wee as it will and collect the poos too..now put bits of this wet tissue with the poos in the litter pan..it helps reinforce the message!
I let the vinegar soak in for a few seconds to a minute..i hat it too..then i wipe it with damp cloth..then use a non staining hutch cleaner( the one i have is called cascade and its pink antibacterial doesnt bleach fabrics!) and then vinegar again and then hutch cleaner..then when i can drag the steam cleaner out i sue that..in the meantime..febreeze antibacterial fabric freshener..bunnie hat the smell!
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He is not nuetered yet, he's not quite at the age, he's only 4-5 months old now and his balls have yet to drop. Trust me as soon as they drop he will be at the vets.

I try the wet paper towel in the liter box and I clean with the vinager and the pet stain remover.

He has gotten a little bit better, but thats only because as soon as he hops up on the couch now we put him back on the floor and stomp our foot.
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thats great.its exactly what we do with oscar! Mind you Bif does seem to control him beter than we do..all i have to say is oi! and thats magic!
shes started nibbling my pine unit..and oi makes her stop and look at oscar and he looks at her as if to say..i told you so! so they learn from each other..but he still attempts the setee when weve had visitors! But theyve been out of their crate 24/7 since the hot weather arrived and no wee on the settee! not even any poo!
my old buck weed and pooed all over settee and cos he did it beofre he was neutered i thought its why he carried on..he had baldder crystals and often lost control and i thought he was being naughty..the odd time he was but the rest were down to that..he couldnt be neutered for another month due to a horrific bladder infection..but he died due to a parasite we think he picked up from running through dog poo and having 2 baths in 2 days and having just had his myxi boostter..

bunnies dont like strong smells..ie curry..perfume..garlic..onion or white vinegar..but it needs to be topped up daily as a deterrent.
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litter box, litter pan

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