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Exclamation Peeing! - Not my carpet!

I adopted my 'litter trained' bunnies almost a month ago. Both boys had been real great at not making messes on my floor. I attached a large X-Pen to their hutch so when i wasn't home they still had alot of room to play.
Well Baby who is 2 or 3 years old has taken to peeing not in the litter pan(s) but anywhere he feels like it in the x-pen.
I started with adding litter pans to the places he was going, but instead of using them he just went somewhere else.
His 'brother' (not really) Jack is very good with ALWAYS useing the litter box, and no misses or anything.
Today I saw Baby had once again peed on the X-Pen floor, BUT not only that but ON my carpet outside of his pen! (They get the run of my large living room when i am home).
So I cut down the X-pen space for just enough room for one bunny to sit, or then they are in the litter pans.

I'm useing Natures Miracle to remove the carpet stains, is there anything that works better?

And does anyone have any tips on litter training?
These are my first pair of bunnies, i don't want to do anything wrong.

Also, it seems this behaviour is just getting worse, is there something i could check for to make sure my bunny isn't ill? (I know some cats pee on things when they have health issues).

Oh and for referance my buns diet, They get fresh veggies (Cilantro, Parsley & Romain or carrots) for breakfast, Timothey Complete pellets in the evening, and timothey hay all day long.

Thanks in advance!
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The peeing is probably just marking. The rabbits need to mark their territories with their scent and the best way to do that is to pee!
You can just let them get used to their new space or buy a few carpet squares and spread them out where your rabbits are going to pee. That way, they'll pee on the squares and have their scent on them, and your carpet stays clean. You can take those away when you don't need them and put them back when the rabbits are out.
Most likely it is just marking their territory. Are your boys neutered? But, if you're worried, you can always take them to the vet.
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It sounds like he's just marking his territory. There's a good chance that he'll stop on his own once he's used to his new home .

Is he neutered? If not, that'll help as well.


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Yes, both my boys are neutered.
I understand the marking with there little droppings, and that is fine. I keep blankets out on the carpet. But only 1 is peeing, and he never did this before, it only started in the last week. That's what has me a bit concerned, about the bun and my carpet :p
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For the pee stains, I find that regular white vinegar is really effective (although I have never tried it on a carpet!...)
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Originally Posted by Thumper2002
For the pee stains, I find that regular white vinegar is really effective (although I have never tried it on a carpet!...)
ya, i use it for the rest of my cleaning also, just not sure if it will work well enough on a carpet stain, i'm a bit affraid to try.
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