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Question Petromalt ???

Anyone give their bunnies Petromalt?

When I am all done with the grooming session I pat the rabbit (patting and encouraging words can be helpful throughout a grooming session) and, if needed, reward him with a bit of malt flavored hairball remedy such as Petromalt. Petromalt (cat hairball remedy) and like products should be given to rabbits once a week for maintenance; and when shedding occurs or stringy fecal matter is seen in the litter box it can be given daily. If feces do not improve within 3 days or if they get worse/smaller or if there are no feces at all, contact your rabbit vet immediately, this is a sign of GI Stasis and could be fatal if not seen to immediately.
I read this here -
And am wondering if this will help my bunnies with all the tummy problems they are having, specially right now with everyone super molting.
I stopped giving papaya tablets, 1) I cannot afford them anymore, 2) they got upset tummies even when i gave it to them every evening. ???

This is Petromalt -
I had always thought of it as a 'cat' thing.
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there is not need for that petromalt for most people if they are feeding a balanced diet.
i honestly dont think you should give it to them. i have heard of it keeping vitamins from absorbing after prolong use, and i have heard about it actually making things worse by causing "clogs"
During a heavy molt, or the first signs of not pooping much i give my bunnies wild grass then they will pass everything up like a storm. however i have never really dealt with a heavy mold. Yesterday Ryo ate some rubber of a shoe, i gave her some wild grass to help her pass it. i am not saying that it actually works, but it seems to work for me.
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There is actually a rabbit version of petromalt, made specifically for rabbits. I can't remember the name, but I saw it at Petco the other day. That would probably be better than the regular one which is formulated more for omnivores (ferrets and kitties). I would ask my vet before giving it tho.

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i used petromalt onced before i knew better and it was salmon flavored... naturally! so bunny got some salmon
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NOOOOOOOOOOOOO never use it ..this stuff coats the blockage or potential blocakge and makes it impossible to break down with the help of fluids and roughage..instead it rolls it into one mass and hey presto..obstruction and one dead bunny..

i was once told to give liquid paraffin for string of pearls glad i didnt..they would both have died months back..
when moulting just increase grooming..make them eat loads and loads of hay,grass etc..and leave plenty of fresh cool water to drink..and those untreated seagrass mats make wonderful bunny tummy shifters!!
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