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Please help.

I have a 5 month old rex bunny, who I'm completelty bessoted with, but I'm not very experienced with rabbits, and i was hoping you might be able to help me with a few problems I've got with her.

Before I even start this, I need to get her spayed- I do know that much. I know it'll help a couple of problems I have with her, but I'm not sure to what extent.

. Nipping/biting. She's the most affectionate rabbit i've ever met, and will choose to sit with me and cuddle for hours on end, but sometimes she snaps with no warning, and suddenly all she wants to do is attack me. Will this go away once she's spayed?

. Pooing CONSTANTLY. I don't like keeping her in her cage, so i try to let her wander my room as much as I can, but she poos constantly. within about ten minutes of letting her out, I have to get to hoover and clear up. Much as I'd like to keep her out constantly, I can't cope with that level of poo! What should I do? her cage is left open, so she can get to the bit she usually uses as a toilet, but it's made no difference.

. Chewing. I realize chewing to an extent probably comes with the whole being a rabbit thing, but she does it to the extreme. If I leave her out she'll eat the carpet, my bed, chairs, bags, wires. Like, actually demolish them. she's pulled all the stuffing out of my duvet and my blankets. Is she doing this because she's upset? Can I stop her in any way?

.Scrabbling on me, my bed, the carpet.. everything. I don't know enough about rabbits to understand why she's doing it. Is she ok?

Please help. Although I love her to pieces, I don't really know what I'm doing. Am I going wrong somewhere?

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Hi! I'm glad you have the courage to ask, and don't have an animal you don't know how to care for. Just so you know, I have a 3 1/2 year old rabbit who I'v3 had since 2008.

. Nipping/biting.--Will this go away once she's spayed?

Probably. Spaying a rabbit not only helps them live longer lives, they tend to be more calm and loving.
. Pooing CONSTANTLY.--What should I do?
Rabbits WILL Poop. ALOT.
Litter training is a must for rabbits-especially one whom is let out of the cage most of the time. Some people don't realize you can litter train a bun like you can a cat. There's PLENTY of videos/articles/info on litter training. This will help her "get" where to go, but it wont happen over night, so be prepared to clean up.
Here's some articles on it--

And a list of google results-
. Chewing. -- Is she doing this because she's upset? Can I stop her in any way?

You need to rabbit proof. That means get wire covers, don't let her access some rooms where there's ALOT to chew, and give her things! Phone books are a big hit with rabbits. Cardboard, (also excellent for hidey houses, since they're prey animals.) Wiring is something she needs to be kept away from-that could really hurt her.
I doubt she's upset, probably just bored.
Here's a good reference to help-
.Scrabbling on -- Is she ok?

Once again, probably bored. Sunny (my rabbit) digs on beds/blankets all the time. Giver her things to toss around--papers, old phone books, etc.
Am I going wrong somewhere?--
The next time you get an animal, research before hand, and don't just get it on a whim.

You put a baby in a crib with an apple and a rabbit. If it eats the rabbit and plays with the apple, I'll buy you a new car.

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Spaying helps them live longer lives because around 80% of female rabbits develop reproductive cancer before the age of 4,
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'The next time you get an animal, research before hand, and don't just get it on a whim.'

Hey, come on, that's a bit harsh. I did my research, and she was not bought on a whim. I just needed reassurance about some of the things she's been doing.
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Thank you, both of you, for your help though.
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1. What exactly do are you doing when she "snaps"? Its most likely not as random as you think it is... Bunnys have pretty complex body language, and they are easily offended. Like, if I dont pet my rabbit Smudge when he lowers his head to be groomed, Ill usually get a nip or a scratch and he will flick his feet at me because he finds it pretty offensive. Check out this site: Its REALLY helpful for understanding what your bun is saying to you, so hopefully you can prevent her little outbursts.
2. Very normal... Its a territorial thing. Un-spayed buns NEED to smell themselves EVERYWHERE. She is just letting you know that your room belongs to HER, and no one else! It should stop once she is fixed. My neutered rabbit has the run of my bedroom during the day, and he rarely poos outside his cage at all.
3. First, you need to rabbit proof. After youve dont that, just keep a variety of toys around for her. She is probably doing that because she is bored, and it acually helps a TON if you give them other things to destroy instead of your stuff. I always keep blankets and chew toys out for Smudge at all times, and those take the blunt of his destrution urges.
4. Sometimes they do that to "fluff" up their blankies and make them comfy, and sometimes they do it when they are bored or frustrated. Also, I kinda think it has something to do with hormones too, because Ive notices that intact buns are especially obscessed. Smudge lost alot of his interest in blankies after he had his surgery.

I hope Ive helped... Good luck!
And I dont think you are doing anything wrong- you sound like a good bunny slave to me!

And Ive had buns for 11 years, and my current rabbits are 6 & 7 1/2 years old... I really just HAD to say that LOL

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