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Exclamation Please Help. New Rabbit, never owned one before :[

I just aquired a rabbit.
Beatz is a female, and she has floppy ears.. she is pretty fat haha.
Uhm she was my little brothers ex girlfriends rabbit. She gave Beatz to him when her mother wouldn't let her keep it.
Then when they broke up my brother didn't want her, but i fell in love with her, so i offered to take her.
I never owned a rabbit before and i am nervous because i don't know her age or any of the other things i should.
She has never been neutered and she is def. over 2 years.. is that bad?
And where should i go from here?
How much does a vet visit for a rabbit cost?
What happens if she gets fleas?
How do i bathe her?

She doesn't like to be held at all, but she has a great personality.
Her appetite is fine, and she doesn't seem to be sick or unhappy.
She is a good size but i don't know how to tell if she is obese.
(i do have a few pictures though if it helps...)

Any info you can give me is appreciated so so so so very much.
I love the little floppy to death and want to take care of her the right way since shes been passed around so much <3
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will first of all congratz on ur new bun, they are a blast to have as pets!! will lets start with the basic things. since she is over 2yrs u can give her veggies and sometimes fruits, hay is very impotant and pellets should be givin but not alot cuz she is old. carefresh is the best and easiest liiter to use and find, also wood stove fuel pellets are very good but their not easy to find. spend alot of time with her now until she gets used to u and then she'll probably let u hold her etc. let her spend alot of time in her cage so she knows that this is the place to eat and poop. here are some sites that helped me alot:
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The best thing to do is go to This is the House Rabbit Society website. They have every type of information you could want. If she is overweight it is probably because she is only eating dry food. She needs lots of hay and veggies (not head lettuce though). She will need to be spayed. Female rabbits are known to get cancer if they aren't spayed. Call around to some vets and ask if they have ever spayed a rabbit. Try to find one who knows something about them. Most rabbits don't have fleas unless they have been outside (please keep her indoors) so bathing is usually not necessary. They keep themselves pretty clean. Give her time outside her pen so she can run and stretch her legs. Also rabbits can be litter box trained just make sure you use a litter for rabbits not cats (they can be deadly). Don't worry about her not wanting to be picked up, that is normal. Most rabbits like for you to get on their level to play.
It seems like a lot but once you get set up it really is fun to have them. I have three and all three have the run of the house.
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thanks :]
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Can't Stop Touching Her Eyes
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I have had cats and dogs for years but I got my first bunny a little over 2 years ago. I cannot imagine my life without a bunny! They are the most amazing little creatures. I just love to watch mine from behind when they hop down the hallway. It always makes me smile!
Mine don't really like to be picked up. Oliver and Ophelia refuse to be picked up or petted! I still love to watch them. They love it when I hand them treats. Every morning Ophelia begs for hay.
Penelope would rather not be picked up but does tolerate it. Teddy- I think he would rather keep his feets on the ground but he is so easy going you can do anything with him.

mommy to
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Oliver - bunny
Ophelia - bunny
Penelope - bunny
Teddy - bunny -ok I have given up on 4 of a kind and am willing to settle for 2 pairs.
8 fishes - RIP Little Guy and Greta
and Tabatha - October 11, 2006 - rest in peace our sweet angel bunny
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