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I think I had a similar situation a while ago about this.

Dexter, a couple of times a month, has an issue with poo. Today i could smell "the smell" and I knew instantly what it was. I scooped him up and sure enough, there is a big blob of poo hanging from his fur. Without going into much detail, the poo is not diarrhoea, rather like one big caecotroph.

I monitored him most of the night. He has just been to the toilet again and other than being a bit smaller and a bit drier, his normal poos seem, well, normal. He is also eating normally and still has the same mischievious behaviour, isnt subdued etc.

I tend to not feed him as many greens when this occurs, instead leaving more hay for him to eat and it seems to go within a day but then, as i said, it happens again. I assume he is just having an "off day", like us humans do, but i was wondering if it cause for concern. I have felt his stomach, which seems normal - not hard with no lumps where they shouldn't be. I only am slightly worried because Lily doesn't ever seem to have been affected by this...

Theyre due for they're yearly checks next week but i was wondering if any of you have had similar experiences and can therefore offer advise???

Many thanks,
Dexter's slightly worried Mummy
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We had that happen a couple of weeks ago...only one though. I got worried and wondered if he was getting ill. We also skipped his veggies for the evening giving him only hay. Sorry I have no advice but am curious too.
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My MiniLop Jackpot get's a icky poo bum too, and very often.
I try to give him less Romine. This has been an ongoing thing with us, and when we try new things and cut other things from his diet nothing seems to make a difference.
What I have found is Jacks so low to the ground, and just so big that he can't get at the cestrobes and they just mush to his bum.
it stinks, it's gross and i feel so bad for him.
So every couple of days I run warm water, cradle him in my arm, and just run the water over the poopy bum cleaning it up.
He is very good about it, and after I dry him off he is SO happy. He even trys some happy clean bum binkies LOL

So for us it isn't diet related, it's just the way his big body is, to big and to low. He needs longer legs
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Yes you do an excess of caecotrophs if the bun has difficulty cleaning himself. This doesnt appear to be the case with Dexter though. He is very agile and is capable of cleaning the mess it's just why it gets there in the first place!

Bizarre. Maybe well never know...
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