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Possible new rabbit advice please!

Hi guys. I went to get some pet supplies today, and totally fell in love with a rabbit they had at the pet store. I've done some reading, but would like some advice from people that already own rabbits.

The rabbit is a cross between a Netherland Dwarf and a Lion Head. She's pretty small at the moment, so even if we decide to get her, it will be at least a week before they will let us take her. We had a hold and she was very calm and let us stroke her. I've had a read about both breeds, and they sound like they would be good as pets.

There's mainly 2 things I'm concerned about. Firstly, she's from a pet shop which instantly puts me off. However I don't want this to completely cloud my judgement, especially as she was good to handle despite probably feeling quite stressed about it. Secondly, she will be an indoor rabbit. I know there is a lot of people who now keep their rabbits indoors. I just wondered if any of you could give me your experiences on keeping rabbits indoors.

So generally, any advice or experience you have for me on rabbits would be much appreciated! I currently have 2 rats and 2 mice so I'm used to looking after small animals. Also I do plan on hopefully litter training the rabbit if I get her so she can be left to run around when we're at home so any advice/experience there would be good.

Thanks in advance all!
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read up on rabbit proofing. Bunnies chew on everything they shouldn't. Including carpet, baseboards, wires, cables, remotes, electronics, cords, bike tires, chairs, mattresses and so on.

Is the petshop a good one? do you mind supporting it, do they take good care of their animals. Why is it there so young that you can't take it home yet?

My friend has an indoor bun. They aren't the same for handling as mice and rats, normally they don't like you to pick them up and hold them as much.

Do you rent? do they allow rabbits? can you afford a bun?

How old are you, meaning are you in college, or living with the parents, and if you go to college are you going to one will have to live in the dorms?


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The pet shop is a good one as far as pet shops go. Their animals are well cared for and I often see them handling them when I'm there buying pet bedding, food etc. It's not too young to be taken home, they said they're just being cautious because she's so small. They'd rather she was a little bigger before they let her go home with someone.

I do rent and we are allowed pets. We have to get each pet approved though, so we have asked the landlord if we would be allowed so we're just waiting for the landlord to say yes or no. I can afford a rabbit, although I think I would try and get it insured in case she gets sick as I presume rabbits are more costly at the vets than rats and mice are.

I'm 24 and live with my partner, so housing isn't a problem. Our flat is pretty quiet and we don't have many people coming or going. I didn't realise they didn't really like to be handled much, that's something I'll have to think about.
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This is a great site for reading up about house rabbits:

I have three house rabbits, and the amount of care I put into them I would compare them more to my dog then I would to rodents.

Vet care for them can be expensive, especially if they get sick. You need to make sure you find a vet with a lot of experience with rabbits because some medications and such that are fine for some animals can kill rabbits.

Rabbits should be fixed, esp. females. It usually makes them healthier, better at using a litter box, and less aggressive.

Remember that baby bunnies grow up, and when they hit puberty their personalities can change. They don't usually enjoy being picked up. Out of my three, I have one that hates being held and two that tolerate it, but don't enjoy it.

I wouldn't personally get a rabbit from a pet shop. There are thousands of rabbits in shelters waiting for homes, and most pet shop bunnies come from mills or back yard breeders.

Rabbits can make awesome pets - I adore them! However, they are not the cuddly animals they are often portrayed to be. They can also be expensive and can be pretty high maintance. I suggest you do a lot of research before making your final decision.

Good luck whatever you decide!

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everyone here seems to have covered it. I got my rabbit Henry at a petstore, but in hindsight (and if i would have thought if it) I should have gone to a shelter. they have lots of extra sweet bunnies there. Like what everyone said, rabbits do not like to be held, but they are still affectionate. My rabbit henry likes like cuddle on my chest when im laying down or under the blankets in my bed. Litter training is pretty easy, especially when they are fixed. Nail clipping is very important as well. Good luck!

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give your love no matter what.
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Yeah mostly it's the picking up that bothers them - which makes sense, as they are a prey animal and picking them up off the ground must be pretty scary! Esp as in many areas there are birds that attack rabbits so if they're not on the ground it probably means they're going to be eaten by a hawk or something. But they do like to be stroked and petted and will lick back and may like to sit in your lap.

I've been glad to notice a trend lately to keep pet store animals one to an enclosure and with more space than they used to, but that's just what the customers see. They still get them from dubious sources and often from what I've seen don't know the correct dietary requirements - rabbits can be sort of finicky where that's concerned. I got my baby from a hobby breeder, who did keep the rabbits in smallish hutches but also let them out for the kids to handle so when I got him he was used to people and dogs. I would recommend a shelter or a knowledgeable hobbyist as the best place to get one.
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