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Pouring my heart out!

Hi...I am new to this board and am here for the reason above. Last night my rabbit died a horrible death and now my heart aches and the tears have been flowing.

A brief history....bought him three years ago and because of his aggressive full-on nature we ( that's my 20 year old daughter Zoe ) gave him the name 'MrGrump', which in time became 'Grumpy'.

At first we had him Hutched indoors in Zoe's bedroom and allowed him out to run around for a hour in the morning and again in the evening. He was always aggressive, even then...but we never thought to have him 'done' and after 12 months or so he was allowed out for most of the day and he would try and eat the carpet, wardrobe and just about anything else that was within range. He would nip at my ankles when i attempted to leave him and go downstairs and would regulary aim and fire his pee directly at me. Up to this point he'd had no trouble with his teeth, or eating, but then suddenly stopped eating and a trip to the vets disscovered he had uneven teeth and would have to have them 'rasped'

This became a regular occurance, every 4 to 5 weeks at one stage, and was costing 70/80 a time. He seemed to cope with the ordeal very well, recovering from the anesthitic within a few hours. Then we finally had him 'done' and wow...did he lose all his aggression....became something of a shadow of his former self, and indeed i regretted him having had the op. Eventally over the following months he gradually returned to a slightly less aggressive former state and all was well. Periods between having his teeth done extended to about 3 months and he and i were very happy. I love rabbits, they facinate me, and the bond between us was strong.

Then last Sunday he stopped eating again and was taken to the vets on Monday for his op. I picked his up at about 3ish but by midnight he was had not really seemed to have come around and was tired and lethargic. The following day i took he back to the vets and they administered a painkiller and something to stimulate his gut in order to get him eating again. There was no improvement during Tuesday so it was back to the vets yesterday morning. By this time he could not sit or stand...his front legs would not support him. He was a sorry state and i was fearing the worst. The vets gave me some recovery food mix, another painkiiler plus gut stimulation. We tried to syringe the food down him during the evening but he was refusing to swallow. His head appeared swollen and tilting to one side. He could hardly move and his sorry eyes told the story. We stayed with him, talking and stroking. At 2.25 this morning he went into a whole body spasm and then, shorlty after, let out a loud scream, body now convulsive, another scream.....and he was gone.

It was an awfull experience and now i am dissraught and hurting. We think he may have taken a tumble, eary on the Wednesday morning and as a result had a stroke. This would explain the inability to use his legs, the tilted head and difficulty swallowing.

There....i needed to say that. I loved that rabbit as much as i have ever loved anyone or anything. He will forever be in my heart and my sorrow will not ese anytime soon....

Thank you for listening.

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can't think of one, help
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I'm so sorry you went through that. Be assured he is at the bridge now with all the others who have gone before him free from his discomfort. I'm sure he knew he was loved.


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the pic is the last one of my meecee kitty (5/9/89 - 1/9/08)
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I couldn't even imagine what you're going through. It sounds like MrGrump was very well taken care of and had a wonderful life.

It does sound like he could have had a stroke. It also sounds like a parasite my vet told me about that causes paralysis and head tilt, but I forget the name. There's another one known as E.cuniculi that has similar symptoms. Rabbits are such delicate creatures, and often we can't figure out what happened. One minute they're fine, the next they're sick. I've gone through that quite a few times with my bun too.

My deepest condolences.
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I'm so so sorry
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Sincere condolenseces.
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Many thanks for the replies. Have cried my eyes out the last week, wanting somehow, someway, to bring him back. But of course you can't and that reality is begining to sink in. Lit a candle and said a few words one week on ( to the hour, minute, he died ) and feel better for it. Christmas will not be the same without him, i just prey he's in a happy place now.
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Poor guy. I am very sorry to hear that your beloved bunny is now at rainbow bridge. But what a lucky bunny he was to be loved so much!

As aweful as it sounds, please rescue another bunny. I know people think they should wait a while and continue to mourn their lost pet, but the best thing you can do is take in a homeless bunny from an animal shelter and do something good to celebrate the life of your bunny. Mr Grump isn't in any pain anymore and probably doesn't want you to be either.
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death, rabbit

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