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Question A question for the rabbit experts...

I'm taking my bunny to the vet on Friday, but vets don't know everything (especially about rabbits) so I wanted to get some opinions from the rabbit people here. My rabbit has a weird growth/absess on the inside of his ear. The vet thought that it was an infected hair follicle rather than an absess because it was hard and no pus came out when she lanced it. Anyway, she put him on a course of baytril for his chronic ear infection and said that it would probably clear up the growth/infected hair follicle as well. Well the baytril didn't do any good and it has grown since to about the size of a pencil's eraser. It is a weird wart-like growth and is kind of grayish white with a black dot in the middle. Its a little red around the bottom where its attached to his ear. It also looks like it has pus inside but when you feel it, its pretty hard. I've tried to pop it but haven't been successful because its like a solid growth.

So my question is, does anyone know what this thing is? Could it be related to the pasturella that causes my bun's chronic ear infection? I've heard that pasturella can come out in absesses, but this doesn't look like an absess, and its in his "good ear." Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. Should I be cleaning the ear? If so, what should I use?

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Well looks like no one had any thoughts or advice for me, but I took my bunny to the vet and it turns out that the growth in his ear is a wart! The only way that it can be removed is through surgery that will cost over $100. She said that its most likely not bothering him so to just keep an eye on it and eventually bring him in to have it removed. Just wanted to let people know in case this happens to anyone else's bunny.
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Bummer! I hope he isn't too bothered by it!
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I hope he isn't too bothered by it as well. I read your post before but had no idea as to what it could be!

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Thanks. I'm definitely going to have it removed but not right now. When the vet said surgery I freaked out and wanted it done right away. She told me that its not an emergency and doesn't need to be done for awhile, especially since I have a lot going on right now-like many people here I'm getting married really soon (67 days to be exact). I also live 45 minutes away from the vet and have been driving my poor rabbit there a lot lately. I'm going to give him a break and then get it done in a couple of months. Of course, if it gets worse or seems to be bothering him I'll take him in right away.
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Well, I'm new to bunnies...getting my first either tonight or tomorrow, but do warts grow bigger like that? Sounds kinda strange to me. When I first read your post (which was just now) it sounded like a tumor of some kind? Did the vet take a sample and have it biopsied (sp?)
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She didn't take a sample but she seemed to know what it was. She saw it when it was smaller and then saw how it grew, and she said it was definitely caused by a viral thing. Warts are caused by viruses and they happen when your immune system isn't very strong. Mo has other issues too so I think thats why it affected him. It looks just like a wart too. I'll keep a close eye on it though and get it removed soon.

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Red face i am so relieved!

I was holding my 10 month old rabbit about 15 minutes ago when I notices that she has a weird growth thing under her leg, so I looked it right up was positive it was a tumor and she had cancer! Now that I know rabbits get warts I am thoroughly relieved because because it looks just like one.She doesn't seem to mind and is hopping around as usual. Thanks, guys!
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Sorry to tell you this but that "wart" could be Papillomatosis, caused by flies, mosquitoes,or fleas( its viral) which is wart-like growths on ears and eyelids....although benign they could cause carcinomas(not good). Make sure to ask your vet and make sure that you have the right vet. Also if you have more than one bunny isolate the one w/ the wart until you find out exactly what this is.
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The original poster posted all this back in 2004, so I'm sure she's gotten everything taken care of by now

DarceyLop, have you taken your rabbit to the vet to get the growth checked out? Hopefully it is just a wart, but I'm sure it would be comforting to know for sure.

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ear infection

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