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rabbit chewing carpet..

Hello everyone- we are new to the rabbit forum...
We have had our bun for almost 7 months now, and just had him fixed a couple of weeks ago.
Anyways... Within the last few days, Paulie has started to chew carpet and worst- tearing holes in the carpet-esp around one door.
Does anyone have any suggestions???
BTW, we have tried TONS and TONS of different toys and objects to get Paulie attention- and he just turns his nose up to all of them..

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Even if it's really destroying, still is a natural behavior for a bunny. I suggest you reading those....




Hope it helps!
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Thanks for the info. A couple of days ago, I tried a small cardboard box with some yesterday newz, and paper. Put the little bun in , he sat there for about 2 mins, and then suddenly- jumped out.. UGH! So I left the box out of a couple of hours, and he just sniffed it and moved on. Even funnier, I guess, is when we put litter boxes out in the room, he just goes and digs through them, and moves on... But I can say after he got fixed, the poop is getting much better..
I did see a pix of someone that had taken the Christmas wrapping paper tubes and placed them behind the furniture, have not tried this yet.. Don't know if the wife would really like tubes around the home.. :-)

Back to the disclipline- we tried a spray bottle at first with a stern NO! Well, that ended up in my ankles getting nipped.... So I stopped that one pretty quickly- Tried the NO! and forcing my fingers between him and the carpet-- then picking him up and putting him back in the cage..

I have found that the guys are a little pretty smart, and very loving- but when you get on the LIST- you are on it for awhile..
Again.. Thanks for the links.. we will try some more things, and if I find something that works.. I will put it up for the rest of the group..
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Hi there,

My rabbit like to dig and chew our bed sheets when she comes inside...i tell her she's very naughty and pick her up and move her somewhere else! I doubt this has ANY effect on little bunny but at least it diverts her attention temporarily. If none of the toys or anything works could you find a deterent (for example vinegar deters some animals from a certain place) just to keep him away from that particular door? You'd have to be quite careful incase it's harmful though, and i wouldn't know where to find that information...does anyone else?

Sorry i can't be more helpful!
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Thanks for the info..
I built a little "play box" today- with an area of small carpet and will throw some other things in it- see what will happen with it...
I can say, after having Paulie fixed- he sure has gotten the digging bug..
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cardboard box, litter box, litter boxes

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