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Rabbit Died Suddenly Other Day

I had 2 rabbits for about 2 years now. One is a netherland/dutch rabbit, and the other was a dwarf black bunny. I had been feeding them the sunseed pellets as most of their diet and some timothy hay every so often. I had been using the Cat's Pride litter for the whole time, with no problem. About a month ago, I changed their litter to Fresh Step, carbon odor control litter. The black rabbit had been getting really fat over the past year, by the way. Well, over the past week, the black one started knocking over her litter box and not eating as much. She had a huge chunk of poop stuck to her butt on Monday and had knocked over her litter again. I decided to give them each a bath, and put them back in their cages. About 3 hours later, I came back to check on them, and she was laying flat on her stomach, unable to move, and barely breathing. I called the emergency vet, since it was about 10pm, and they said it was from the litter, blocking her intestine. They could have put her on IV and done surgery to remove the blockage, but I think it was too late at that point. An hour later, she began convulsing and stopped breathing. My belief is that she might have eaten some of that different litter, but the other one is fine. I'm bringing him into the vet tomorrow to make sure. I took all that litter out immediately, and started using "yesterday's news" instead. What do you think happened?
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Poor bunny.

You can't use normal cat litter for rabbits. They will eat it, and it will cause problems. Yesterday's News is ok, since it's paper based. There are also rabbit-specific brands out there. But the traditional sand, clay, and especially clumping litters for cats are bad for rabbits. I would definitely get the other bunny checked out. He probably has some of that stuff in his stomach already, too.

Here's the House Rabbit Society's FAQ, with info on litter types:


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Hello! Welcome to paw talk!

I'm so sorry you lost your bunny, it's so hard to lose a pet.

I use Yesterday's News for litter too and it's great! You shouldn't use clay cat litter because if rabbits eat it, it can expand and clump in their stomachs and intestines and they can't really digest it, so it can lead to blockages. I don't know what Cat's Pride is like, but I know that the only types of cat litters recommended for use with rabbits is paper or wood pellet type litters like Yesterday's News.

Also I know you said you gave them timathy hay every so often, but hay really is the most important part of a rabbits diet. They should get unlimited amounts of hay everyday, only a small amount of pellets, and fresh greens and veggies. Obesity is very common if rabbits get too much pellets. Hay is full of fiber and keeps rabbits delicate digestive systems on track.

I'm sorry again that you lost your rabbit. You shouldn't have any problems with Yesterday's News. I've been using it for awhile now and have never had any problems at all. If you have any more questions or anything, please feel free to post them!

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Ditto to everything Dragon said. I know how hard it is to lose a pet - I'm so sorry.

If you can't find Yesterday's News, another good brand is Carefresh. I actually use a mixture of both.

Please do take your other bun to the vet if you haven't already - good luck!
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I agree with what everyone has already said. And as always, Dragon gives great advice.

I use Carefresh litter. It's all made from paper, so it's perfectly biodegradable and safe for bunnies' digestive systems if they decide to randomly eat some. (I know when I switched them, the first thing they'd do with a clean litter box was hop in and randomly pop a piece in their mouth to check it out!) Sometimes I don't even bother bagging and throwing out the litter, i just dig a hole in my backyard garden and dump it in there. Easy and clean! Paper and manure makes great fertilizer and I'm only growing flowers and trees right now.

I'm so sorry about your bun It's always really hard to lose a pet. I'll be so sad when it's finally time for mine to go.
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I'm so sorry!

Switching to Yesterday's News was a great idea. I use it and it works great. It traps odor so you don't have to smell their duty. I hope your other bunny is alright though. Tell us what happened?

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sorry to hear!! i cry for you and yours-i also use yesterdays news,i fill the boxes and then spread hay on top as well as in theire hay racks also they get a BIG bowl of fresh veggies every night and grazing food for the day which is called "suncrunch" with pellets and all kinds of little seeds and dried fruit,so i hope youe other bunny is felling better now-hugs-
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Yesterday's News was a good thing to switch to.
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