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Betta Bomb
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LOL I tried the meat free treats as well!! ^^
I think this way off topic since I came to the thread to figure out fleas... Dang dog got a couple and Im scared pantless that Kayshie will get them!!!!
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Newborn Pup
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lots of good advice in here... getting paranoid, because i thought i saw a flea in the house, tonight...
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Well, the thing about fleas is they pick on the weak ones. So making sure your rabbit, or your dog, or your cat, etc etc, is eating a real healthy and balanced diet, exclusive of all the unnecessary sugars and everything, and getting exercise, along with diligent effort of utilizing the vacuum to suck up fleas and flea eggs, is your best method of control. Salt dehydrates fleas, and baking soda kills them, you can sprinkle a 50/50 mixture of the two around the carpet, or where your critter sleeps, since when fleas lay eggs, the eggs aren't sticky, and they'll fall off and land on the place your pet is sleeping, and incubate there until they hatch.

From what I've read; 100% of the eggs will hatch in 36 hours if the environment is perfect(I think I read if the temperature inside the house is like 70%), whereas if the environment is colder, only half of the eggs will hatch, and it takes them much longer. So keeping your house cool, especially while battling fleas, is definitely an advantage. And making sure you leave no clutter or hiding places for fleas to hide(from what I've read, of the fleas you see on your animal, that only makes up 5-10% of the amount that are hopping around in the house), and vacuuming efficiently, and daily.

Oh, I've also read that the major mistake people make is thinking they've beaten the fleas, and laxing on their diligence. Then all of a sudden there's another reinfestation of fleas. It's a really good reason to make sure your house is organized, and that there's no clutter, and that you vacuum and clean underneath those dark, and otherwise "abandoned" places like underneath chairs and couches and the like often, because it's likely there could be just enough fleas to infest the entire house again that are laying in wait.

What I've done this week, since we've been battling fleas, is pulling the furniture a few inches away from the wall, so that nothing can hide behind the furniture against the wall, and it's easy to slip the tube portion of the vacuum into those areas.

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Betta Bomb
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Well, I bought flea collars yesterday for the vacuum cleaner bc adults can survive in a vacuum and crawl back out. I used flea collars ONLY for this reason! I do not agree with putting them on the necks of animals bc cats are almost ALWAYS allergic (I even had a cat react badly years ago) and well they are ineffective in flea control in general. So, yeah I bought a few to vacuum with. Also Matt and I gave Coco a bath last night with his oatmeal/aloe shampoo which I think releived him somewhat and I applied some poison to his neck (advantage) All in all, I have only seen 2 on Coco, 3 dropped off in his bath water and that's it but I know we have to vacuum and wash things. That is coming. I hope to god they go the heck away! I cannot have them attack my bunny!!!
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Dawn baths and flea comb brushing with DE dust baths.
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