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Question rabbit nipples?

I have been researching and found somewhere that says only rabbit females have nipples. We have a rabbit. It has nipples. Was also wondering if you had heard of male rabbits pulling their fur out to make nests or is it just females that do that?

Rabbit is currently not letting us turn it upside down to sex it and I was just curious.

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Sexing Rabbits

check that out, i'm sure more PT'ers will be around to help you
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When you hold a rabbit on it's back, hold the ears and the scruff of their neck, normally it relaxes them and it's a lot easier to turn them over.

EDIT: as for the nesting I believe only females do that. I've never heard of males doing it nor have I seen them.
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Go to rabbit.org and you can find out how to handle them. I have a female and male. They are both fixed but I have never heard of a male doing that. Also when they do the pulling it usually means they are pregnant.
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I thought I read sometime ago that members had males that pulled their fur out as well. I could swear that at least 2 members said their males would pull fur. Your bunny is not shedding clumps is he/she? That could mean mites. But they are very easy to get rid of with the help of a vet.
I just checked Oliver and could not feel any nipples. He was not too cooperative though. Neither of my buns like being touched.

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Although it's not too common some males do indeed make nests .

My neutered male, Elvis, has built nests before.


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Thanks for you help. I'm still not sure s/he'll only let me handle them and I'm still struggling but will keep trying.

Also, the side where bunny has been pulling fur from is where his side was shaved for the op to get the abcsess removed. Only this time the fur is taking a long time to grow back and is only growing back in clumps. The actual fur that has been pulled is from further out of the shaved border type thing if that makes sense. I can take pics if you want.

thanks for help so far!
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Gosh I would freak if I saw my male making a nest. Of course he has a little stuff bunny he cleans. ha
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I know of a neutered male rabbit who was lacktating... now that is strange. With that said, I would think males had nipple too.

Do you have a picture of your bunny?
Does he/she have a dewlap? Only females have dewlaps.
Rabbits mostly pull fur fromt heir stomach for nest building, is yours building a nest, or just pulling hair?
Also you mentioned he/she had an operation, coudl the Vet have sexed the rabbit then? Maybe call and ask them.
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I'm gonna call the vets tomorrow. bunny is pulling fur and making a nest. Yesterday we filled his/her bed with hay for hom/her to eat and s/he has now taken the biggest part of it out and made a nest with it. Bunny also has pulled newspaper from under the sawdust and sheredded it for nest making and also done the same after wripping pages out of his/her yellow pages. S/he has a slightly swollen stomach atm but I'm not worried as s/he hasn;t been anywhere near a male.
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hey (:
did your rabbit have a phatom pregnacy ?
jw (:
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neutered male

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