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Rabbit questions

We are a rescue and might be rescuing two female rabbits. I have a few questions.

Will two females housed together get along?

They will be housed outdoors in a secure chicken coop (chickens have been moved) with free access to enclosed secure 10'x10' yard. The inside area will only be 10'x5'. Is this living space appropriate for two rabbits?

The wooden floor will be covered with pine shaving with hay for bedding. Will they sleep in the hay or need some other type of bed?

There is a window in the coop for some natural light but electricity for lighting. All our lights are on timers to go on in a.m. and off at 9:00 p.m. Is this okay?

There is no heat in the building but my hopes are their nests of hay and each other will kept them warm. Where they live now is in hutches and are out all winter. Will they be warm enough?

I know what they eat but not sure about grass, do they graze on grass?

I will probably have a million more questions. Thanks for the help.
Lee Ann
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Congrats on rescueing some buns!
Are they already bonded and spayed? If they are then they should be fine, but if they arent already theres no garentee that they will get along. Ive never bonded rabbits, so someone else could give you some better advice on that.
Theyre enclosure size sounds fine, but if it was just used for chickens it probably isnt sequre enough. Rabbits can easily dig out of a run, so you will either want to make sure that the wire goes down into the ground a few inches or cover the entire bottom of the run in wire so they cant dig, but they can still eat the grass.
And DO NOT use pine or cedar shavings... They have toxic phenols that raise the liver enzymes (especially dangerous if your bun needs to go under anethetic) and they can cause a ton of other health problems if used long term. Aspen is a great bedding to use, or you can use ne bedding and just use a litterbox. Thats what I do.
They will probably need some sort of heat in the winter. You can buy little warming pads that they sit on, so you dont have to eat the entire coop.
They LOVE grazing on grass, but they also need unlimited hay, timothy based pellets (if over 1 year old) and vegetables every day. Go to www.rabbit.org for some great feeding info!
Good luck!!

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The rabbits, if they are not a dwarf breed, should be fine in the cold this winter without heat, providing they are sheltered from the wind and snow. Straw holds in the heat better than hay, and is very absorbent and easy to find in gardening stores this time of year. Hay will also need to be provided because straw is not good feed. Rabbits love to graze on grass, but make sure the grass is dry to help prevent parasites. My rabbits have an outdoor run, and I give them a few pumpkin seeds daily, sold a squirrel food, because pumpkin seeds are a natural dewormer.
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Great advice given above
Umm, about bonding-unless their already bonded you may have some difficulties. Though I hope you dont, I was never able to bond my two. But here's a link maybe useful: http://www.rabbit.org/faq/sections/introductions.html
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Make extra sure dogs cannot get into the pen! Chicken wire isn't strong enough to keep out a determined dog.
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rabbit ?'s

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