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Rabbit WoolBlock HELP!!

Hi there..

im having problem with my english angora rabbit, i really think that he is experiencing woolblock because previously he usually finish his food the next day but now there is some left, i see that he is getting thin too.. im quite worried

what is the cure for this? i read that to take out his bowl of pellets and leave only the hay, the problem is he ate it but he is not into hay... and although he seems to eat the pellets but still not as much as before..

im really interested about using the pineapple juice, can somebody help me on this, is it ok to use the pineapple fruit in the can? and how many ml should i give him and how many times per day? hope i can get a quick help on this
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Hi, sorry to hear about your bunny. And welcome back! I don't have experience with long haired rabbits like angora's but I can tell by reading this that you have not been meeting the real needs of the rabbit of which we suggested before.

First of all, a rabbit should never be left with a bowl of food to free-feed on pellets. An adult rabbit should only get 1/4 -1/2 cups of pure timothy quality pellets a day. (I divide this by 2 and feed my bunny twice). Hay should make up 75% of their diet. If they're "not into it" then you have them spoiled on pellets or you need to find a kind of hay that stimulates thier interest in it. I find together with timothy hay my bunny really enjoys meadow and botanical hays- they add dried flowers and different scents to the mix. My bunny goes through a bag of that a week. If I remember correctly you have a problem getting the botanical hays.. But order it online and guaranteed your bunny will perk up.

Hay is not a "cure" for a blockage, rather it's a pro-active dietary measure to keep thier gut flora right and help things running smoothly. Once there is a problem in the intestines hay will only move some of it out.

You should see a vet to remove the blockage, if it is a blockage. Is bunny eating? Is he pooping?? If he stops either of these for longer than 12 hours you have a real emergency! So I would be sure to just get a green flag from the vet.

As part of a regular routine, once this clears up, only feed small portions of pellets and leave the hay for them to free feed on all day. They will not starve, hay is what they eat. Once or twice a week (maybe more since you have an angora) feed them dried papaya. That helps the digestion system and helps move things along. Pineapple you can use. It's best to use fresh but most cans are packed in the natural juice anyway. Try your best to avoid any with added sugar or preservatives- bunny does NOT need that. Give them a 'tidbit' (listed on the can as tidbits, theyre small triangle shaped bits) and that should suffice every few days.

Remember, pineapple is a sugary acidy fruit so you do not want to be feeding this long term. Just as a treat every few days. The added sugar in their diet can lead to further problems.

So I hope this helped, see a vet first up and then make changes to the diet. Let us know how things go.
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