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... off of the floor!! LOL!

Princess Midnight loves to be rubbed like mad, but she is not a bun who likes being picked up ... PERIOD!! I am literally going to have to force her to let me and I don't really know how to go about it.

I know that I am going to have to trim her nails for myself soon. She went to a vet. 3 weeks ago to be spayed and he did it for me at that time. But the nearest bun-savvy vet to me is about an hour away and I'll be darned if we travel that far just for a 2 minute nail-trim!!

I had to lure her into a carrier with her favorite treats to get her to the vet. I didn't have to pick her up ... which is kinda cool 'cause I don't want her associating my picking her up with vet. trips ya know?

Anyway ... Something has GOT to give. The minute she even THINKS I'm trying to reach beneath her to pick her up, she bolts. I don't know what to do 'cause it's necessary to be able to pick up a bun not only for nail trimming, but what if she needed medication ... or what if a hurricane hit and we had to make a mad dash outta here? ... Or what if ... well, you get the idea.

Heck, I can't even trance her unless I can pick her up! And she's so frantic about it that I know for sure she is going to wrestle like mad with me and I fear her hurting her back or something ...


\'/ Paw Hugs \'/

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will she get in your lap? Charlie was already used to being picked up when i got him, but Daisy was a different story. i let my buns hop on the couch to play and lie down and if i'm on the couch with them they'll sit in my lap - i had to pick her up to put her back in her pen, and she would fight me everytime (she still does a little, but she does like to be held now)
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until she gets used to being held, take care in the way you pick her up so she doesn't hurt herself - if you feel like you might drop her because of her wiggling, then put her down and pick her up again. until you really gain her trust, only pick her up if you have to, otherwise just try to get her to sit with you or beside you

if a bun just doesn't like to be handled then they shouldn't be picked up just because we want to hold them, but (for their own good) they need to learn to be held and to behave in the process

good luck with your little Princess! patience is key
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Hey Jewels!

Oh yes, I have learned more patience since becoming a bun-slave, than I did when I became a Mom (I have FOUR kids!) Midnight is constantly teaching me about patience 'cause she simply is not going to do things MY way most of the time! LOL!

As far as sitting in my lap, she is not there yet but we're getting closer. I sit on the floor with her raisins and I've started setting them in my lap so that she will have to at least put her paws up on me and lean her head into my lap to get them.

Midnight is timid beyond words, yet I am noticing that she has mellowed out quite a bit from the way she was when she first got here. The man who had her before breeds for ... well... purposes other than enjoying buns as pets. Hands in her mind are not gentle loving things. When I first started petting her, I had to do so with my feet because she simply didn't trust the hands at all.

Now that she realizes that I won't grab her by the scruff her neck and be rough with her or anything, she enjoys a good rub with my hands but likes it better with my feet (starts the *tooth purr* and everything!)

Anyways, I'm rambling. Tell me, how long she can go without her nails being trimmed again? I thought it was about every 6-8 weeks that it needed to be done, so I'll need to figure something out in the next 4-5 weeks. If there's another way to get them filed down or something, like by having her dig in some sort of pebbly material or something, I'll go that route. She is definitely a digger.

I sure hate to drive an hour away for a nail trim but if push comes to shove, that's what I'll have to do.

I'll talk to ya soon!
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i only get my buns' nails done about every 4-5 months at my vet, depending on when i get a chance to take them and that's enough for them. it'll just depend on how fast her nails grow.

there are some really good woven straw mats that my buns love - they come in a few different sizes, the biggest (i've seen at my pet store) is about 2ft x 2ft. it fits great into the bottom of their cages (they have free roam of their room, but their cages have their litterbox and food) and they scratch the crap out of them. they hold for about a month (sometimes less if a bun throws a tantrum and destroys it out of spite), and they are pretty cheap, about $3 for the bigger one. they can help keep her claws in check, to the least keep them clean

i learned the foot pet trick from having cats that wanted to be petted and you were too lazy to pet them... 3 of my buns don't mind it, but anytime i try to pet Charlie with my foot he will attack me, not my foot - me (granted he'll only punch me), it's still funny to tease him with my feet since he gets so riled up about it...
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