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Question Re-training neutered male bunny litterbox habits

Hi all, Kasper is a 6 month old Lionhead and I just got him neutered 2 weeks ago. I understand that his testasteromes are still running through his blood and he will exhibit that marking behavior--expecially because we also have a female, same age, in the house. She is next at getting spayed.

Anyway, I am being careful about not invading his space in his house, he is a very lovable bun--can't give enough kisses, jumps up on my lap for attention and very well natured.

I just am wondering how long he will feel he has to leave 'pills' on the sofa, and generally everywhere he ams to state that 'this belongs to me'. Will it take about a month when all the 'stuff' is out of his system and he no longer has that male marking? Or will I have to get the female spayed before that happens?

Anyone have any suggestions? the female is at the other end of the house and they are never together. I was hoping in the future after she is spayed that they could be buddies. I don't know if I should show him a 'pill' that he left on the sofa and say NO, and make him get off, or just keep him secluded in one spot---hate that idea. He loves the screened in patio and feels he has to leave his 'pills' ALL OVER, even though there is a litter box in his pen.

I am open to all who have had their buns neutered and then what they found helpful in getting back the good potty habits, and what to do about the 'pill' leaving.

Thanks so much.

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was he ever potty trained?

every time you catch him pooing say no and put him in the litter box if you can

and put all the poos in the litter box. i think you also need more than one box, one needs to be close where ever he is or he won't care as much especially when learning to be potty trained


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Exclamation re-training neutered male bunny

Hi, thanks for response. Yes he was potty trained before the female came into the picture. When he is in his pen, he pees 99% of the time in his litter box and of course lots of poos in there.

When he's out and about with me in the lr--or wherever, he follows me constantly, he feels he must leave those little poos everywhere.
I have been putting all his poos back into his litter box--saying, 'uh you forgot something'.

Also he will jump up on the sofa to get attention from me, we cuddle and such, but it seems if he spends too much time up there, he will eventually leave some pee--which i say NO and put him down right away. He is never held to where he cannot get down to pee--so i don't know if he's doing this to mark, to be a 'brat', or what.

Really want to be able to train him right. I have 2 dogs and it's different potty training them. Actually was easier.

thanks for any advice.

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If he's good with his litter box in his cage, and usually only leaves pellets outside the cage, it's likely that he knows how to use the box just fine and is just using pellets to mark his teritory.

How long have you had him for in the area he's in now? I know when I bring my bunnies to new places, or even to new areas of the house, they'll leave droppings around to mark the teritory.

Maybe you can read up on litter box training and try using a second one outside of the cage. But that doesn't always help for rabbits who are marking.

Are you planning on bonding the two rabbits once the female is spayed? Because while bonding my rabbits, I noticed that at first they would mark more, but after they were fully bonded and lived in the same cage together they both got much better. They hardly ever go to the bathroom outside of the litter box now.

But to answer your questions, he may still mark even if he is fixed (and even if the female is fixed too), if he can smell an "intruder". It may decrease more as his testerone drops, but I wouldn't be to suprised if he continued it either. Even if you pet her, then go into his area, that could be carrying her smell to him. If your planning on bonding them, I would set up their two cages next to each other so they can see and smell each other for awhile without being able to directly interact. He'll probably mark more at first, but as they get more use to each other and he learns that she is a friend rather than an intruder, the marking should decrease.

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