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Question Really dumb question

I got my little girl spayed last May but my boy is still 'intact'. Anyway, this week I've noticed that she has these bulges on her sides (and it's not gas - she's still eating and pooping). My roomate is in the sciences and she says in very rare cases it is possible for females to grow another set of fallopian tubes and ovaries. Has anyone ever heard of anything like this? Could she really be pregnant?
Oh yeah, and she's been extra fiesty latey too.
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I haven't heard of anything like that. It's hard to say what it could be..if the bulges are moving she may well be pregnant but I'd be going back to the vet and demanding a refund on the spey! Could she just be putting on the pounds? If it doesn't seem like a weight issue a trip to the vet to rule out any illnesses would be worthwhile, especially with her change in behaviour. She might be cranky cause there's an unneutered male living with her who is driving her insane with his hormones! I know my male was crazy when he wasn't neutered. We had another rabbit (a male but that didn't matter to him) and if I had been around the other rabbit he'd be chasing me through the house trying to get some loving off me. He was obsessed! I'd be cranky if I was a female rabbit having to deal with that and not being able to get away from it!

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I have never heard of that.. Maybe you should take her to the vets and get her checked out, and if possible get the boy neutered.. Keep us informed!
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It's ok. Ronan is extremely docile. Actually, it's usually Ceili who's humping him. But anyway, does anyone know if spaying includes removing the whole uterus or just the ovaries? - I can't call my vet until Monday, but I'm curious to know.
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Ok, the lumps are gone now. I guess it was just a phantom pregnacy. I was getting excited, but oh well.
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