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Exclamation Really need help...

Okay so I've had my bunny since August when he/she was 8 weeks old and when we got him/her it turned out he/she had a large abscess on his/her side. After surgery and the abscess cleared up it returned a few months later. Two months ago we had it removed and scraped out and everything. It hasn't returned, however because he/she is so young if it returns then the vets have said that he/she probably won't survive another dose of anesthesia (sp?) and he/she will be put to sleep.

The reason I am worried is because Sooty has started being kinda lethargic and just laying on me and letting him/herself be fussed. He/she never did this before and just ran around the floor. Bunny also hasn't eaten very much food from his feed this morning and did the same last night. I've felt him/her all over to check for lumps and I really don't know what to do as these are the signs that we observed when we found the abscesses.

Could it have anything to do with the fact that my bun keeps eating our hair? He/she likes to climb up and run round and round me (I'm his/her mama) and eats our hair at the slightest chance he/she gets.

We lost out 8 year old Alsatian on valentinesday and the whole family is still grieving, I'm not sure we could handle another loss.

I'm looking for any advice anyone can give me.

(PS the gender confusion - the woman we got him off said he was a guy, but recently I read only girls have nipples?? Also he started pulling his fur out and making a nest/ I don't get it...) xxx
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Seriously, the vet should have been able to tell you what gender your bunny was.

You might want to take a look at this Sluggish Motility in the Gastrointestinal Tract

Also just browse on, there is so much info on there

Im not sure about the anesthesia and all that, but you might want to get a second opinion

Good luck to sooty {{{{healing vibes}}}}}

Keep us posted
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we had bunny out again last night and s/he seems to be eating and pooping fine now :s but thanks for the advice. the vet never sexed him he just asked us. By the way has anyone else rabbit ever tried to eat your hair? Mine does it to me and my mum and i mean actually eating it.

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My Jett just loves to eat my hair, I thought he was the only one.
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that is so wierd they eat your hair
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Some of my buns eat my hair too.. very strange.
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