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Really nervous - both buns get fixed tomorrow

I've been taking Gravy & Biscuit to see my local vet, and I talked to her last week about spaying and neutering them. She's been great with them for everything else, but she said she was not comfortable doing the spay because their office is not equipped well enough to save Gravy if something happened while she was under anesthesia (I respect her a WHOLE lot for being up front with me!!!) Anyway, she referred them to the University of Georgia Small Animal Hospital and I'll be taking them both in tomorrow. It makes me really nervous to have to leave them overnight anywhere, but I know it's for the best, and I know UGA's teaching hospitals are supposed to be some of the best in the world, so I probably shouldn't worry, but I just can't help it! They're my babies!

On a lighter note, something weird happened coming back from the vet last week - both buns were in the back seat in separate carriers, and my daughter was driving. I was watching them through the little holes in the carriers, when Gravy started "chirping".... the effect this had on Biscuit was to make him... um ... "get busy" with his towel. I've never heard them make any noise until she did this. Do you think she was talking to him or something?

Oh, yeah, since I'm on a roll here... hehehe... a couple of weeks after their surgery, when they're all healed up, I'd like to start bonding them. I know this is going to take some time, but I'm trying to prepare for the future couple. Once they're bonded, will they need separate food bowls, water bottles and litter boxes? I plan to build them a castle with Target's version of the NIC cubes and just need to know how many things to make room for.

Any thoughts would be very much appreciated!

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they are keeping them overnight???
mine came home in about 8 hours!

i have no idea about the chirping

and if they need two food bowls, wter bottles, litterboxes etc i think mainly depends on your buns. i would say they will be fine sharing everything but i would definally have another litterbox
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awww sounds like she was horny and happy!! Bif makes some really funny noises..none of which ive ever hearda rabbit make soon learn1

We have had Bif and Oscar bonded for almost 3 weeks now! Best advice is to have them both done at the same time..and then give the lady bun at least 2 weeks to heal..and mr horny least 4 weeks to allow hormones to die down..or he will be a bit amourous still!!

we have a large dog crate..weve just an even bigger one off ebay..and it cost us £37 with £8 postage..not sure what the cost is in $ but i will have to get the link off my daughter and post it for you.
This cage is large enough for a rottweiler!

Our two have to have a litter pan each..they argue if theres only one..although ive seen a litter pan built for two over here on im sure you guys have em over there.

One water bowl is fine..and although i give them 2 bowls..they share one..and insist on doing so..its very sweet.

To watch little vids of our bonding and a give you some tips and ideas..

my daughters site is

shes house bound with chronic severe CFS/ME and the bunnies are her companions especially as we lost our elderly cats she has a website going which she has to add to yet bunny humour and my friends account of a very large rescue bun(she worked for the rspca) she took on who had to live outside in the end and how she houses her etc for those who want their buns outdoors..

i skimmed soooo many sites for advice as non of our stuff seemed to be linked anywhere..and i found a few tips..tried them and modified take a peek and i really hope it helps..its why its there so other people in our situation can see what theyre heading for and all those tales of love at first sight arent always true!

bunnies are a huge risk during ops but the methods of putting them out is changing and vets are teaching at the beginning bunny anaesthesia and aftercare..they didt ten years ago!

keep them queit and warm..shock is a big after no noisy children doogs etc..heat pads if necessary and even a hot water bottle outside the cage where it cant be nibbled is a great help.

be vigilant and encourage eating afterwards by tempting with fresh green grass...parsley is wonderful as a tonic pick me up and so too is dandelion leaves..or dried herb tonic...or just anything they really are partial too. Gut stasis occurs rapidly in a bun that wont yes try that smelly sachet stuff and also keep a syringe or two handy and jars of purreed baby food..fruit or veg ones of course! And expect sticky bums a bit till the bunnies have had time to calm down..usually a few days..

let us know how you get one.
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ok heres a site with similar crate...will post ebay link later but for now..go measure this up!
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Hi Ratty_Ratkins Actually, I found out when I took them in this morning they will be there for two nights. They do the intake and examination on the first day, then they do surgery on the second day. Then Gravy has to stay until the day after surgery for observation and to make sure she's eating and drinking before she leaves. They said they would keep biscuit in the cage next to her so she would have a familiar face nearby. I could actually bring him home tomorrow after his surgery, but I would rather have him there for her to see. They have a doctor on duty at night and they have people checking on the animals during the night too, so that makes me feel better. Oh, yeah... they also call and let me know what's going on with them a couple of times a day, and they said I was welcome to call and check anytime I want. I sure do miss my babies, but I feel like they are in competent hands.

Thank you for the link PurpleBumble - that dog crate looks just like the one I have for biscuit right now - mine's only 36" in length and probably a little shorter than the one in the picture, but they look identical. The castle I plan to build for them will have 3 different levels and probably take up one end of my study. Your daughter's site is great. I really liked the videos, and I'll go back and read about the bonding as time permits. Please tell her "thank you" for me. Thank you for all of the info, too.

One more quick question.... is there any reason I shouldn't go ahead and move their cages and playpens to the same room while they're healing as long as they're kept separate for a few weeks?

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I would give Gravy a day or two by herself just so she doesn't get too excited, but after that definitely put their cages right next to each other. But like suggestions earlier - just make it where they can see and smell each other, don't put them in the same circle together just yet.

On the separate dishes subject:
Have you had one bun longer than the other? In my case I had Charlie for years and only recently got Daisy. The room they share was Charlie's first, and I have slowly gotten him to share things - space, toys, and he actually grew out of the igloo - but i'm not going to have him give up his cage, dishes, water bottle or litterbox unless he shares it himself. Daisy has her own things of that nature as well. They also have their own favorite toys. I would suggest separate dishes and water bottles - if they use the same one then it's their choice, and if they want to use separate ones then there's less fighting.
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I'm glad to hear you are feeling a bit calmer about this today. I had my male neutered and I was told to pick him up in like 4 hrs. I thought he would be okay, but he was still out of it and tried to run and couldn't. It was nice though because he let me hold him and cuddle him until he was ready to go on his own. It's definately a good thing they are keeping them for a few days. They should bond with no problem within just a few weeks. Be sure to keep us updated
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