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Unhappy Rest in Peace, Miss Flopsy

I don't come here too often, but I wanted advice for my bunny Eeyore who lost his best friend Saturday. Flopsy died of cancer and it has torn me apart. I rescued her 5 yrs ago and that bond and friendship grew each day. The past month or so she was unable to walk, but ate, drank, and played normally. She would even scoot her little self over to me when I came home...she was on medication to control any pain. I know she is better off now, but I still can't get over missing her like crazy. Our other bunny, Eeyore, is noticeably upset...he came a year after her and has only known Flopsy. I took him to PetSmart yesterday and explained what happened...they trimmed his nails and brushed and massaged him for half an hour...he LOVED it. Flopsy is the larger one in the picture...she was beautiful, even after she passed.

I am trying my best to comfort Eeyore...anyone have some advice?

Thanks for listening and any words of encouragement are welcome!

In Loving Memory of Flopsy (aka Goosy, Flopsy Boo, and Lil Miss Flopsy) In my loving care from 06/2002 - 01/27/2007

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i dont have bunnies
but is it a female
if so maybe get her a baby bunny and she can mother it

this is wierd but i bought a baby ferret for my male ferret and he thinks its his baby

he lets they baby nurse on his ears

way cute
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I am so sorry for the loss of your little girl. I can't imagine losing one of my "kids". I'm sure she's much happier over the rainbow.

If you are open to the idea of getting another bunny, I believe that would best - especially since Eeyore is used to having a bunny companion. Rabbits do get depressed and he is understandably lonely. He would no doubt take very well to a new "girlfriend" (spayed, of course). He'd probably do well with a brother as well, but I'd recommend a girl companion - opposite sexes tend to be much easier to bond. Check out a few rescues around you - I'm sure they will have the perfect buddy for Eeyore. Good Luck and Best Wishes.
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I'm so sorry for your loss!

Don't know much about bunnies but the new pal sounds a good idea.
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so sorry for your buns suspected of having cancer and im trying to get a decent vet to confirm it and treat her right now.

Her name is Bif and shes a rescue her 5 days after my dads funerallast year to help our little buck who had lost his 2 elderly feline pals and thenmy dad..the vet said he had stress anxiety disorder and was lonely. So of to the local rescue and came home with bif!
it was toungh bonding she wanted him but he didnt want her but when they bonded they were inseperable. she started coming out of her shell after 6 months which is when he died with gi stasis..
thats when bif died inside..he died on the early hours of mon mornng and by the friday shed laid down to die refusing interaction to come out9 we left her door open all the time) to ea properly or drink..luckily that afternoon evening joanne arrived with a blind date for her..bertie the were rabbit..hes afrench lop and massive! he lost his bunny wife 5 months before and when they met it was as if he knew..he washed her head and snuggled her as if to say..its here now..i feel your pain..and she relaxed and snuggled him back.

it took a month again to bond them but thats cause shed had gi stasis too with oscar all stress related and she stopped eating hay etc when she was pining and became weak and developed molar spurs.but they did bond!

now they are each others world and im dreading my scared little girl going and leaving bertie so soon..

please take eyeore to the shelters/rescues and let him pick his own friend..youll find it hard but tis in his best interest. i couldnt getattached to bertie at all and now i adore the big lump especiallyw hen i see in my head that poorlittle bunny dying of a broken heart from losing beloved oscar..
weve had bertie 5 months now bless him.
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I am Very sorry for you're loss (**hugs**)

Carissasaurus Rex
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I'm very sorry for your loss .

Feel better.
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Thanks for responding. Eeyore has been very upset today. It's like now he's realizing Flopsy isn't coming back. He hasn't eaten all day and he's just laying there with his chin on the floor. I took the day off to stay with him and just played and pet him all day. He took well to that but he does look depressed. I have thought about getting him another friend...I just don't want to confuse him or make it too soon. Thanks again for your advice!
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I'm sorry to hear about Bif. I certainly hope it isn't cancer. When I was told it was cancer (bone cancer), I didn't believe him and got kinda angry. Well, he warned us it could travel to her lungs and that's what happened. I know you are, but make sure you do everything and anything to get this taken care of asap. Flopsy was given Rimadyl originally because first they said it was arthritis. Make sure you get an x-ray...very important. She was on Rimadyl until her last day...said it would help control any pain. I have a whole bottle that I am going to donate to the local shelter (usually used for dogs). Take care of Bif and keep me posted.
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RIP Flopsy, sorry about your loss.

// k a t ((d)) 猫ちゃん ☆~(ゝ。∂)

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I am so sorry for your loss. I know what it's like to take care of a special needs bunny and to loose her. My Tabby was very special. She too was on meds for pain and as an anti-inflamatory. And she too was the most beautiful creature I ever laid eyes on. We lost her in October and I still miss her terribly. We had no other buns to mourn her. So that was good. But we knew we needed another bunny in the house. We went to the SPCA the same week she passed. We came home with Oliver and Ophelia. It was the best thing for both of us. I am sure it will be good for you and especially good for Eeyore. He needs someone else.

mommy to
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Teddy - bunny -ok I have given up on 4 of a kind and am willing to settle for 2 pairs.
8 fishes - RIP Little Guy and Greta
and Tabatha - October 11, 2006 - rest in peace our sweet angel bunny
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baby bunny, local shelter

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