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Rice digging box?

Has anyone tried using rice in a digging box for rabbits? I've seen some instructions on how to build a digging box for ferrets using plastic tubs and plain white rice, but I'm not sure if it would be safe for the rabbits in case they eat some. Any ideas or experiences on that?

The other material I saw recommended in one HRS article was corn cob bedding. It listed it as safe, but other articles say it can cause a fatal blockage if swallowed, so I'm not sure WHAT to think. (Also, thanks to recent grain-mite problems with the bedding, I'm having second thoughts about it anyway.)

What else would you try putting in a digging box? The typical paper, phonebooks and cardboard don't seem to be that appealing to our bunnies, although they do like to dig. They love digging in plain, pesticide-free potting soil when we give it to them, but the mess is just absurd, so I was hoping to come up with something that has a bigger grain size (for easier cleanup) that won't kill them if they eat it.
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I'd imagine that the rabbits would just eat the rice . I know mine would! I'd use shredded paper or hay instead.

I don't like corn cob bedding especially since it's prone to getting mold when wet. Use a bedding/litter that's known for being safe (CareFresh, Yesterday's News, Aspen shavings, etc.).

Your bunnies don't like phonebooks? What if you pre-rip them slightly and wedge them under something (like a table leg)? That usually made my rabbits go nuts.


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They like tearing cardboard and paper up - empty ramen boxes, brown paper bags, etc. But for some reason, phone books aren't interesting. I got several phonebooks just for them to tear, and they couldn't care less. I tried pre-shredding the corners, tried to show them to dig on it - and absolutely no interest.

I'm sure if it was one of my actual useful books, they woulda torn it up in a heartbeat.

The potting soil is what they've liked the best so far, all of them go nuts digging in it. But some always gets kicked out of the digging area, and they trail some around on their feet, etc.

One thing I haven't tried yet is using something like wood stove pellets or Yesterday's News for their digging box. But I'm afraid that it'll make them think it's OK to dig whenever they encounter the litter pellets, and they'll end up starting to dig their litterbox contents out. Definitely not something I want to get them started on.
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