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Exclamation sad

im having a terrable day the babies and momma bun are fine my I got to se her nursing them this morning.

But my rabbit Ruby just got spayed last friday. she took out her stiches last night the vet told me since it wasnt open to "sock" her well durring the night she took off the sock and nibbled away at her tummy. I got up to her intestines hanging out of her belly. I called my vet and he wasnt avil till late this after noon so i had to call another vet and get emergency help well were poor plain and simple he quoted me 300 bux i havent stopped bawling i have no money i had to save my pennies to get her spayed in the first place. the vet was kind enough to let me bring up Ruby with the promise that i will pay the bill later i dont know how im going to do but ill find a way if i die trying. now the other crap news is ruby has to stay there all day today have her insides put beck and in the right places get cleaned up inside and put on antibiotics, then he wants to keep her till tomorrow morning. I am sooo sad and so worried. what if she doesnt eat,? does he have food? im scared that she is going to not eat, or maybe he'll give her the wrong antibiotics, im so scared for her. I know its just a rabbit but not to me i love that lil girl. ill keep ya'll posted
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I'm so sorry I will be praying for her.
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To me and others on here our pets are just as important as humans, so dont feel that because she is a bunny you should not have any love for her.. I have always said that if you get a pet you are responsible for everything to do with them.. If it needs to see a vet then so be it! Last December one of my degus got sick, unfortunately it was Saturday afternoon, I had to call an emergency vet that was a few miles away, I took her there, and left her.. She was operated on and died in recovery on Monday.. It cost me a large amount of money, but I did my best for her..

I am sure you are doing the same for Ruby, if the money is a problem, see if you can pay it back in instalments.. I really hope she gets better, and that she will soon be back with you.. The vets are doing their best and will provide all the food and water she needs..
I will keep you and Ruby in my thoughts.. Take care..
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Im sorry.
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UPDATE - Ruby has had her fix up the vet called me at 11:00 am he said she has come out of it fine and all her organs are back in place and she is re stiched up. He put a cone on her head to stop the little fighter from eating her new stiches. He assures me he will make sure she eats and will call me if anything happens or if she stops eating. He said he is keeping her today and over night and if all goes well i can get her tomorrow at 5:00pm this will be the longest 2 days of my life. I keep crying someone slap me out of it please. But so far so good,
I iwll make payments the vet is kind enough to do that for me so ill be saving my pop cans and pennies and every cent i get. To me she is worth it and more. I would do anything for my Bun. Ill keep ya posted as i know more and ty all for your kind words it meens so much to me, really it does. Im really thankfull for finding this site and to the makers of it. Its fun to talk about your animals, good place for advise, and a good support system when your in a town with no one like me Thanks again you guys
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Great news, I look forward to seeing some pics of her when she is better!
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i am so sorry you have been through such a terrible ordeal! and i know it sucks to be away from your girl for so long- but at least you know she's getting better.

and bless your vet for taking her in w/out demanding you pay right away! i'm so happy there are vets out there like that! vets that really care about our animals as if they are family members, and don't just care about the money

again- i'm so happy Ruby is going to be alright!
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since she is on anti biotics its important to get the flora to her gut. with the e collar on she cannot eat her cecal pellets! thats where that flora comes from! i guess maybe try to feed them to her>>

sorry about your bad luck. hope everything will work out fine. keep your head up!

i remember when i got Ryo spayed me and my fiance stayed up in 12hr shifts to make sure she didnt get any of her staples out. sometimes thats just how things are.
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I'm so sorry you and Ruby had to go through all that, but I'm very happy that's she's doing better .


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UPDATE October 24th 11 am
Ruby is alive and well she is home with me now. I didnt sleep at all last night knowing the prro dear was all alone, I got up at 7 am and waited till 830 to call the clinic and see how she was. Ruby is doing well she said but i had to wait to talk to the doctor at 930 am so my good friend accross the street came over and sat with me while I waited. 930 sharp I called again and the doc said Ruby is doing great and is ready to come home She does have the e-colar on so I asked about her cecals, the doc gave me an extra syringe and told me to give her 1cc of yogurt a day till she gets the e-color off next monday. She gets 0.15 cc of Baytril every 12 hours. and he put her stiches on the inside this time. Ruby should be fine, I can sleep with my mind at ease tonight. I prayed so hard last night for her, and I am so thankfull my baby is ok. It 360 bux for this I scrounged up 54 and payed them that today and I have till the end of november to pay in full, I'll manage that she is worth every penny!
I have to keep ruby confined to her cage but they didnt say how long anyone one have an idea on when I could let her out in my bedroom? The only thing there for her to jump up on is my bed which isnt on a frame its just the boxspring and mattress on the floor, anyone know how long i should give her in her cage, I really dont wanna call the vet back I have already called 3 times with questions since she got home lol. Ty all for your support the only persons I have are my friend leeona accross the street, she doesnt have a bun but she was there for me either way, and my husband who doesnt really like listening to me lol all he says is if she is worth that much to you, then do what you gotta do. So anyways ty again.

On another Note momma bun and babies from my other post UPDATE they are fine all is well and she is takeing good care of babies. When I fist brought momma here she had messy bum, bc at the shelter they feed them guinni pig food and really really poor quality hay, but i got her on proper rabbit food, fresh vegies and so good old timothy hay, messy bottom is all cleared up and she seems great, she is even trusting me now and letting me put my hand in the cage to pet her and she will take food from my hand she knows that she isnt at the shelter anymore and that "this person isnt gonne hurt me"
OK i better stop here this is turning into a novel
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I am so glad that Ruby is home, give her a hug from me.. Great that you have some time to pay the bill too! Keep us informed on her progress and about the mummy and the babies too!
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emergency vet, pig food, rabbit food, timothy hay

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