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Search For the Bunny Continues

lol obviously we aren't getting Gaston, he was like already 2 1/2 and the site said a baby... so yeah lol. And the organization had to come see our house and a whole bunch of other stuff before we could even SEE the bunny!? Does this sound rediculous to anyone but me?? I mean alot of dog rescues atleast let you see the dog before you go through the house check and everything! but neway we saw an Angora Lop Cross at the pet store but it was the price for a purebred so we're like no... lol and the buns had just come in so they where all stressed and had mushy poo so we wouldn't want them anyway. Theres this one petstore by us that takes really good care of their buns and they know their bunnies, they don't just pretend to know what breed they are. But the bunnies there had been moved to the forsale cage area like two days ago and then guy opened the door up and the buns where all friendly and such lol... all the pet stores around here seem to have no bunny know how and the buns are always nervous and don't want to be touched. Well anyway kinda sorta an update on the new bun. There was a mini rex I LOVED there but I want an angora lol... figures the breed I want is one that like no pet store carries (atleast as purebreds, not crosses)
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I saw your other post about Gaston. He looked like my english angoras Angel and Baron. Be forwarned if you get an angora. They're will be hair EVERYWHERE! Mine are in our livingroom in stacking cages and I have to groom them every three days.
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Yup I know they shed and am prepared to brush them everyday ect. lol thanks for tellin me though!
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