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separation anxiety???

I just separated Leo and Oliva two days ago. They are just under 3 months and have been together since 7 weeks old. They are in side by side cages so they can still see and smell each other until they can both be spayed and nuetered at 5-6 months. Leo seems fine with the whole arrangement, possibly even enjoying having a bachelor pad......Oliva was sad it seems yesterday, being her usual drama queen self only needier. They have been sleeping near each other thru the cages adn I have seen her still trying to groom him this way too. Tonight during her free time out of the cage she went nuts trying to get into his! She went to the door and was pulling on it over an over trying to get to him. Wehn he finally came down to see her she was franticley licking him thru the cage then tried again to pull the door open. He just went away to another part of his cage. Later when she bas back in her cage and he was out she did the same thing to the door at her cage trying to get out and then was digging and scratching at the space between thier upstairs floors. Is this aggression or just her being really lonely for him? It broke my heart to watch. She calmed down and relaxed if I was petting her. We are trying to switch cages every other day so that neither one thinks one cage is his/ her territory and so they can smell each others scents. Could she be mad that he was in "her" cage?? Any advice is welcome, I can't stand to see her so upset.........
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Poor Olivia! Since she wanted too groom him I would think that she was not being agressive but I am not too sure.
I do know that bunnies bonds are very strong. If a bun looses his/her mate he/she can go into a depression. It's good that she can still see him.
It maybe tempting to let her see him for just a second - but don't do it - they are very quick when it comes to....well...making babies. When I brought Oliver and Ophelia home and put them down it was only a second or two and Oliver let me know he was the boy bunny. Luckily for us he wasn't "on target" so I was able to grab him and put a stop to it.

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Thanks for the reply. I know better than to put them together. I do not want a litter! I am already out of room with all the little pets we have. Unfortunatley they have to be separated for about three months until they are old enough to be"fixed" up and heal. I hope she calms down because t is so upsetting to watch. Is this behavior dangerous for her? She seems stressed out when she is doing it. Frantic almost. Then she calms down after a bit in the cage and after plenty of cuddles from me.

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Oh poor Olivia. It must be sad watching her try to get to Leo. The three months will seem like forever for both her and you. Good luck. It sounds like you are doing everything right to keep them as close as possible.
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do they make bunny diapers? if so they couldn't... make babies if they had diapers on and they could play? i don't know much about bunnies so maybe that wouldn't work?


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Oh My! That is exactly what my children asked!!!
My son wanted know why we couldn't just wrap her bum in saran wrap for a little protction! Maybe this is the invention my hubbie has been looking for !!!

On a serious was suggested to me that we get her a stuffed toy and rub it on him to scent it. It seems to be working!! She actually started grooming it about a half hour after we put it in her cage. I have no idea how often we need to do this but she is sleeping with it now and was licking it again tonight after we rubbed it all over him. ( He thinks he is getting extra petting while we do this) Hope this helps anyone else who might have this problem. They told me it would work with a male missing his female too.......I'll keep every one posted.....Maybe I can sleep better tongith since she is calmer
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