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Exclamation Severe Eye infection-conjunctivitus?

My bunny, floppsey, has had a weepy eye since december. She has had baytril tablets, tiacil, fucithalmic acid eye drops, her tear ducts flushed and nothing is working. It gets better then after the treatment it comes back. today it has become worse, and her eye is full of white guey stuff its run all down her fur and she cant see. Ive tried to wipe it off the fur and bathe the eye. Im going to take her to the vet tomorrow because i cant get to the emeregency clinic. She is 7 yrs old, is this a losing battle? Im tryin to keep strong but shes had so much trouble since december. What do u think? Is this an underlying cause not conjunctivitus? please help
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i can so empathise with first house bunny got it like that and oscar gets it too..its awful.
Oscars tear ducts are blocked now...
A lot of time it can be something they keep coming into contact with making their eyes sore and open to infection..even dust off hay etc..or in oscars case..tree pollen in spring! And a doe humping his face and peeing in his eyes! On his blind date session 2 months ago..
he had a dental as it is more often than not molar teeth roots pressing on the tear ducts or even molar spurs causing inflammation along the tooth root and hence eye infections.
since hes bonded with Bif we never ever have to bathe his eyes and they hardly ever run..she cleans them like we never could!
best of luck.
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i asked on a local bunny board and my fried say this.....
Have the teeth been checked? And with checked I mean xrayed and everything.

Teeth can sometimes press on the tear ducts and cause all sorts of other problems
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