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shedding season...


well i just have a quick question. my rabbits have been shedding non-stop lately. it seems i brush them and i brush them and i brush them but the fur just keeps coming. i brush them outside on the balcony and it is seriously snowing fur on the ground by the time i'm finished! and then there's still more fur coming out!

does anyone else haave this problem? they are short-haired rabbits, but the fur is thick. and they used to hate being groomed but since they've started shedding so much i have to brush them all the time! i'm scared they will get ahirblass or something! does anyone have any suggestions about how or what to brush them with? i've been using a rabbit brush with little soft wirey teeth things... not sure exactly what to call them. i'm wondering if there's a better type of brush i could use on them, or any way to keep the shedding under control! any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! thanks!
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This Process is called Molting, or molt. Molting is when a rabbit sheds out its old coat so a new one can come in. You will notice healthy, newer looking hair in some spots, this is where the new coat is coming in. The only thing you can do is to brush your rabbit. Molting can happen more than once a year.
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yeah one of my rabbits - Sniffles- looks totally ridiculous! she is brown, but she has darker and lighter brown fur spots on her butt now and looks like a little checkerboard. it's actually pretty cute but it still looks odd. i can't wait for her nice smooth coat to come back! hehe.. poor Sniffles...
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