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Tis the season here in oklahoma for storms, most of the week.
I was wondering how your rabbits react during storms. Do you do anything special to comfort them a bit, especially when you cannot be with them?

our rabbit (who is still namless ) gets a bit nervous during storms but is easily calmed down a good head/ear massage, but i was wondering if covering his cage like with a bird would help or make him more nervous?
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My rabbits don't seem to mind storms but my sister's bunny freaks out and stomps his foot. Usually he calms down with petting and treats .


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My baby girl, Gravy, doesn't seem to mind storms much, but I noticed Biscuit gets very upset when there is thunder nearby. I don't know if covering the cage would work or not, but maybe if you had a little cat igloo, or a small cardboard box he could hide in, he might feel more secure

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Hmm this could potentialy be interesting = ^ _ ^ =

Are there any Rabbit owners here from Florida and surrounds, bearing in mind Tornado's and the hurricane season.

Maybe them puny humans could learn to predict storms from the attitude and reactions of the US house bunny, after all I pluck my fur out and line my bed when I think its going to get cold in the winter.

= ^ _ ^ = Meaa !


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My rabbit thumps and hides during thunderstorms. It sometimes wakes me up at night!

He usually calms down if I go over and talk to him and slip him a treat
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love, treats, and boxes

Charlie has a box maze in the buns' room and Daisy has an igloo - but if it's really loud outside she'll get in the boxes with him. During the storms earlier in April, I sat in their room with them with the door open (so I could see the tv) and they split a whole banana between them while huddling behind my back beside the wall. Luckily the tornadoes stayed 20 miles away, but we had a lot of hail and they didn't like that a bit. Just petting them and loving on them is about all you can do. They're like little kids that want to sleep in mom and dad's bed during a storm; they don't want to be left alone. My husband and I have resorted to bringing their cages into our bedroom if storms lasted throught the night. They make a lot of racket to get attention if we leave them in their room, but we don't hear a peep from them by taking them in our room.
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cardboard box

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