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When I am holding my rabbit, stroking it, gromming it or holding it in general it sometimes starts to lick me, does anyone no why it would???

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is a little "special"
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Its cause he loves you! C: When your bun feels really close to you, he licks you... Its kinda like when bonded bunnys go up to eachother and start grooming- its a sign of love and friend ship ^^
LOL, it can get a lil annoying some times tho... like if they closest lickable object is something kinda nasty, or if they star licking your floor xD Its hard to even touch my rabbit Smudge without him licking you. Its like some sorta OCD!

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My rabbit licks EVERYTHING (including carpet). But her left paw most of the times.
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can't think of one, help
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ooh bunny kisses, you should consider yourself fortunate and loved


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Flash was a serious licker when he first moved in, but he hasn't done it much lately. He used to lick me, the floor, the furniture, ...

Squirrely, if your bunny is licking one particular part of herself a lot, it's probably just because she's trying to get clean. Maybe she stepped in something. Remember, they clean themselves with their tongues.

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Teddy gives me bunner kisses on my nose - but only sometimes when he is in the mood. I always feel so special when he decides to kiss me!

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aw. I love bunny kisses and snougles.

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give your love no matter what.
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Betta Bomb
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AWWWW Akina licks everything too!! i love the hot dry kinda feel of their tongues!! its a sign that theyre comfortable with their surroundings and they generally like what they lick...a.k.a. YOU!!! feel lucky!
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lucy licks when we have food on our hands ;-) she also licks this one pair of pj pants i wear.. and sometimes just for nothing... um, maybe bunnies lick just when they feel like it???? i just consider it a compliment and get happy when we get licks :-)
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