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Unhappy Thumper is bleeding!


I have a bunny that I rescued from an animal shelter three years ago. She must have been close to two years old when I got her and at the shelter, they told me that Thumper was a healthy male. Thumper is an amazing bunny that never gave me any problems but last year, just to be sure that everything was ok, I decided to bring her to the vet for a general check-up. To my great surprise, the vet told me that Thumper was a she!!! She also warned me that, since she had not been spayed, she would likely develop uterine cancer pretty soon. She told me that I could still get her spayed, but that there were more risks since she was already pretty old. Money being a concern, I took the heartbreaking decision not to spay Thumper and to enjoy each day that I had left with her.

Two weeks ago, I started noticing a little bit of blood at the bottom of her cage. I remember the vet telling me that that's how I would find out that cancer had started. I'm gonna see my vet on Friday to discuss this with her, but here's my question:it's clear to me that I will not have surgery done on Thumper, but I don't want her to suffer for nothing either. How long can she live now that she has started spotting if this is indeed uterine cancer? How will I know if she's in pain, because up to now, she's still a wonderful bunny and nothing has changed in either her eating habits nor behaviour.

Thanks in advance for your comments,

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i'm very sorry to hear that you're bunny Thumper might be sick. i hope this is not the case

i just wanted to ask you if you are sure you've never seen any blood in her urine before? my friend had two un-spayed females who would bleed when they were in heat (or whatever you would call a rabbit's mating season. ) anyway! they lived to be nine years old and NEVER got cancer. they died of old age. so, i don't think that just because you're rabbit is not fixed that she will definately get cancer. my vet told me the same thing about my female rats, and it turns out that the rats i have not spayed have lived the longest (cancer-free). of coarse, i'm not saying that certain female species won't get cancer if they are not spayed, but i don't think this always happens.

however- if you have noticed a sudden change of blood, or excessive blood in teh urine then perhaps this is a case of cancer. i certainly hope not though! but i think going to the vet is a very wise decision, that way you will know what you and Thumper are dealing with. i hope all goes well with the vet visit

oh.. one more thing- when my rabbits are in pain they don't eat much and sit up and rock back and forth. that is how i know when something is hurting them. watch out for sluggishness, and just overall apathy. rabbits are good at hiding their pain, but it has been my experience that if you watch carefully you will know if your bunny is hurting. so as long as she is acting normal, i wouldn't think she was in terrible pain but again- your vet will probably answer this for sure.
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Thank you so much! Your reply is really informative. Come to think of it, I have seen a little blood before, only now it seems to be more regularly. Anyway, I'll see what the vet says, but in the meantime, thanks a lot for giving me hope!!!
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i'm glad i could be of some help be sure and post about what the vet says! i'll be curious and hopeful that it is good news
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Thumper 2002-

No one can tell you how long you have left with your baby. Thats up to the big dude upstairs. But your vet can monitor her, nd if she starts to act as though she is in pain you can make the decision and be with her till the end.

Also I would Like to note the following:

Your Vet CANNOT tell you that because she isnt spayed she WILL GET CANCER. Thats FALSE.

It will increase her chances of having cancer, but many Bun's live out long happy healthy lives with out ever being spayed or neutered.

You will be in my prayers please tel me how everything goes.


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Hello Fane81 and Tabitha!

Once again, thanks a lot for your replies. You guys gave me lots of hope. For some reason, last week, I thought my bunny was dying for sure, but after reading your replies, I realised that my bunny is still very alive!!!

So here's what happened at the vet: she confirmed what you said Tabitha, saying that she didn't mean that Thumper would certainly get cancer, only that her chances of developing it were increased since she had not been spayed. As for the bleeding, she thinks there is a good chance that it is not blood, but merely pigments in her urine. She says that as bunnies get older, their urine get more and more pigmented and that's perfectly normal. She wants to do a urine analysis to check if that's the case. If not, the analysis can tell her if she has a bladder infection, which would also cause bloody urine. If it's an infection, medication should fix everything. If it turns out not to be either pigments or a bladder infection, she says that x-rays will tell us if it's stones ...hmmm... I think she said in her bladder or, last possible explanation, uterine cancer.

I asked her about the possibility of Thumper bleeding because she was in heat and she answered that this is a widely spread misconception. She said that, if your friend's bunnies were not sick, they probably had pigments in their urine because, according to her, bunnies do not bleed when in heat.

So that's that. I still don't know shat's going on with Thumper, but at least I'm reassured that there are other explanations than cancer. Now, if I could just get Thumper to give me a urine sample, that would be great. Any advice? I thought it would be a simple task: after leaving Thumper in her cage without bedding, she left me a little puddle of urine which I could take a sample from, but when I went to give it to the vet, she said it was no good because there had been excrements that had been in contact with the urine. How do I go about explaining to Thumper that she has to do a number 1, but not a number 2...?

Anyway, thanks again a lot for reassuring me. I really appreciate it.

Take care,

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i'm so glad to hear your bunny is okay!!!!
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