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Unwanted gifts outside the litter

Hi! I haven't posted in a very very long time, mea culpa, but now, I really need any advice you may have.

Here's the thing: Thumper has always been an excellent, well-behaved, cuddly and clean bunny. Two years ago, I had my first child, so I had much less time to give to Thumper. Her behaviour changed a bit... I think she had a depression at first, but things came back close to normal after a while. Now, I just had my second baby and I have no more time at all for Thumper. I let her out of her cage in the morning, give her food and change her litter at night, but I just don't have time to pet her or cuddle with her anymore. She spends most of her day alone. Well, I guess she doesn't like that because she now pees outside of her cage whenever I let her out. Actually, she even seems to prefer my daughters' rooms to pee in.

Obviously, I can't let that happen, especially with two babies playing around, but I can't leave Thumper locked up in her cage all day either... I already feel bad enough as it is that she doesn't get any attention anymore... Any idea as to how I could persuade Thumper to do her business inside her cage only? If I can't convince her soon enough, I'm afraid my husband will suggest that we find another family for her...
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Does your husband like Thumper? It kind of makes me wonder why he doesn't pay attention to her. Jason always refers to our buns as "your buns", but he's the one who pulls them out at 10:00 at night after I've already put them up for the night.

All the same, finding her a new home may be the best thing to do. She hasn't forgotten how to use her box, this seems to be her desparate attempt to get attention. If you're husband could help out a little, your 2 year old is old enough to be able to sit with you and the bunny - that way Thumper gets attention and you can still interact with your children.

Good luck to you with whatever you feel you need to do.
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it could also be a form of protest..her mums been taken away from her..
it could also be the smell of new baby..like ahving another pet in the house and the girls rooms..territorial!!
Im going through thismess with bertie right now something awful..but he also uses his tray to wee and poo in too..its very odd is territorial as its only in my bedroom where they were holed up when my house got flooded the other week..and in the lounge.marking perimeters of the room i swear!
Hes always done it a bit to bif..but then she did that with oscar then stpped apart from in the overnight cage theyhad..
I agree about your other half helping..also ask friends relaives if theyd babysit inside your house whilst thumper and youhad time togehter?
we spent more time with bertie last night as he appeared in middle of lounge..and got made a right fuss over..got groomed 2 days in a row and got hugged so much (hes a massive french lop so hes more like a dog!) there was no wee when i came downstairs..but when the kitts were loose he did one massive wee by his water bowl..
theres been one accidnet tonight..he peed accidnetally over the edge of the tray
so making a fuss paying more attention may have helped..in my case its hard cos fench lops sleep so much!!
maybe use a litter pan in the rooms she uses to see if it helps..
if this is really too much for you to cope with and will end up making you miserable and resentful then maybe rehoming her is for her best interest..but dont be hasty..you may very much regret it..
im sure you said once before she waspsayed?
the other thing is find her a friend..get someone to bond them for you perhaps and with company of her own to amuse herself with whilst she bombs around she will feel less neglected and love the time you can share with ther and her pal even more
im sorry i cant be of much help..
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litter pan, water bowl

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