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update on alex and ryo

they are getting together lots better.
wensday they were grooming each other, however they almost got in a spit spat yesterday. if i have them in the bathroom (lots of room to get away from each other) they dont want to nip or anything, but last night i had them in a small pen in the other room... they wanted to nip! i put them back away before the fight. so i myself am getting better at knowing whats acceptable behavior and whats not. i wish i could do this bonding session twice a day instead of once! it would get done quicker, but work and time just doesnt allow! oh well, its been going pretty good, its just a matter of time.
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So pleased its going so much better now!

Every time you split them up and put them back in cages youre delaying the event...after oscar and bif were left in the pen whilst we were watching tv and them....they got on better...so if you have one time slot instead of two..just leave them together longer and longer and make sure theres a huge pile of hay in the middle of the area theyre in. Sounds like bunny bondings happening awwww.
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yeah today 15 minutes with no fighting.
i prefer to just take my time and take it easy.
today alex was snuggle up next to Ryo for about 3 or 4 mintues! and a tad bit more grooming
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