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update and pics link bif n bertie

Well i never got to take them over my mums..instead they were put in a travel cot/playpen in our spare junk room! they were there most of the day and when the workmne strated Bif freaked and did squishy poos evrywhere..but eventually bertie calmed her down..it got cold in there so i pulled the cot into my daughters doorway..she hadnt been able to get up due to her M.E/CFS symptoms being so bad so she was in bed with the curatins pulled and the tv on low and fell asleep..so did the buns..i kept popping in to keep an eye on all3 but by almost 6pm i decided to get the buns back downstairs..they never fought in the pen..hmm bertie fell asleep on couch and later i let bif out and she eventually tracked him down and just sniffed him before bombing off again..but second time later on climbed on him and made out she was washing his drawers..but she bit him on the butt and he leapt up!
i had to recage her the madam!
another session in the bathroom wasnt done due to them being together all day.
last night i sat on a cold downstairs toilet floor with the door shut..jus me and them..no litter pan etc.
after a few mins we had squished together buns with sniffing the floor etc buns.hen snuggled down bertie and terrified looking bif!
bertie washed her face eys and head and shoulders and put his head for her to wash..she was frozen in time honest!
well another 15 mins went past and he did it again but slower..at first she was terrified but suddenly she relaxed and shur her eyes as tho remebering how nice it was..and then she surprised me by washing him back and sorting out his eyes..awww i was soo chuffed!
eventually i decided to give her some exercise..bertie has the loung hall and kitchen 24/7 now..
so i popped him in her crate and he went for a lovely snooze..ate a little drank a little and weed loads in her tray!
she did the same outside!
she was running round my feet doing the happy bunny dance and nearly triped me up! she let me pet her very briefly..something shes not done since her stasis attacks!!
she was soo happy doing mad dshes etc..and sleeping in his fave spots and watching him mesmerised through the bars..
eventually she got worn out and wanted her bed..in the crate! so i opened the door to get bertie to come out..dont try waking a 12lb sound asleep rabbit..it doesnt work! So i left the dor open for him to lumber out when he was ready which he did..
i couldnt catch her but when he came out she wasnt bothered by him and went to sleep near him..ooh ive cracked it i thought..WRONG!!
she nipped his face whilst he was in the tray and then chased him to the lounge doorway and tried to chase him out the lounge! she nipped him again and i told her off..smoothed his fur and poped her back in her crate..moody madam webnt to sleep!
he sleeps by her in her crate now and she drinks and eats and he does..but his gut probs still persist..and i thought he was depressed..he was..unrequited love i reckon!
she does like him..but i guess more bonding till i wear her.." i own the lounge" complex!!
im off to squirt fresh pressed pineapple juice down berties huge mouth..and some colic drops..he needs something..he had a shot at the ets the other day but she said it wasnt proper stasis..and he was fine health and teeth wise..i needed to get to the bottom of his probs but anymore she said to ring her immediately..
so im going to do some forced rehyration and tummy gas removal and if hes no better then back tot he vets..
i think its stress..and she doesnt make it easier! bless her..to think she nealry died and was so ill after losing oscar..
bertie never had his vhd jab..hes awaiing it to be doen either this week or next..the lady i got him from has a licence to vaccinate her buns herself and shes gonna do it for me and its going to cost me next to nothing as opposed to over £50!! plus less stress for bertie..most important!

he was outside before i realised he hadt evr had nay vhd jabs..so now hes confined till hes been doen..but heres a pic of them togehter..not a wonderful one but more will come..
this is when she had the gi stasis full blown..that night she was extremely poorly..

bertie doesnt look as big..but let me tell you shes the size of a british dwarf lop and berties skull compared to her should give you an inkling of his size diff!1

heres the piccy link

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seems like there making a bit of progress? picture links not working

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It sounds like they are off to a pretty good start. She just has to learn to play nice with him. It's good that he is so in love with her. I am sure that helps matters.
I am lookinf forward to the next update!

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