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Weird noises!

Hi again!
I have had my rabbit for about 7months, he currently lives indoors and has loads of character. He loves to play and does all sorts of tricks but I am a bit concerned about the noises he is making. It is hard to describe but it's a cross between a wheeze and a snort. He is never frightened so it can't be that but it seems to happen more when he's excited! Don't know whether it really is because he's excited or if the jumping about he does when he's playing causes it. Any ideas?
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My bunny does that alot! I call it "oinking" haha cause he sounds like a piggy!

Anyway my bun does it when im about to let him out of the cage or give him a treat. But he also does it when someone does something that he doesnt like. Its really discretionary...(for example people who cry when they are sad or cry when they are happy) you have to read the other signs to tell why they are doing it.

Sounds like your bunny does it when he gets excited, no need to worry!!
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Yes my Toky-Ohki makes strange Whining and Grunting noises = ^ _ ^ =, usualy when you approach the hutch, she squishes into the corner and makes this noise.

I think its because we bought her during the school holidays about four years ago, I think she's a tad Chicken if you know what I mean.

Could be Exitement, could be Anger even fear, basically its bunny talk .

=^o^= schneeball has only ever grunted once and thats when we were chasing eachother around, one time he overtook me in the kitchen and grunted as I kicked him into the plastic bin poor bugger, I laughed.

The language of Lagomorphs Hey ?

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To stop chewing wood and Pooping nice , he's in the jailhouse now.
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sounds like your bun is just very vocal! Be proud to have a talking bun.. my
lady talks alot, but brownie her boyfriend says nothing at all.. i think he lets her be the one in charge! ha.

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