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What breed?

This little beauty weighs about 3 pounds. What breed do you think she is? Thanks
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She's a beaut.. I'd lean on a mutt. She just looks like a dwarfie like my Kaysha-berry. (now Im no expert in the non-obvious breeds) but chances are if it's not from a reputable breeder then it's a mutt. (I LOOOOVE her big lips! Looks like she's pouting!) Is she yours for keepsies?
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is a little "special"
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I would say she looks Netherland Dwarf-ish, but it looks like she has a little something else mixed in too. What ever breed she is, she sure is a cutie!

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She is one of my new fosters. She is up for adoption, but I don't expect her to be adopted anytime soon. She is around 8 years old and not house trained. I got some inquiries, but they wanted a hutch rabbit, and she has never been outside before, so I don't think that is a good idea. I will probably keep this girl for the rest of her life. I am going to clear out our breezway to keep the rabbits in there. I have cages in my bedroom stacked to the ceiling and I am sleeping on the sofa, and my sinuses are killing me!
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Don't rule out her litterbox training yet. We've had 8-10 year olds learn how to use a box!

Here's what we do:
1.) get her spayed -- this is important. Especially because she's older, she needs to be spayed and see if she's got uterine/reproductive cancer. Sometimes you can get lucky and catch it before it spreads. (If she's already spayed, ignore this. ;PP)

2.) Put her into a large cage -- even if your other bunnies are ok using a smaller cage as a 'crate' and get most of their time out, this won't help her learn the litterbox right now. She needs to have the ability to get clearly out of the box and away from it right now to help her learn.

3.) Put several LARGE litterboxes in the cage (say, one in each corner). Large like an under-bed container or a storage tub with a door cut out. When she makes poop accidents, move them into the box. When she makes peeing accidents, clean them with vinegar and then put a litterbox there. You may end up with a cage FULL of litterboxes, but they do eventually get the idea. Make sure that there are at least two (rabbits seem to like having a place to lounge in the box and a place to eat) and that at least one has hay IN it.

When she's reliably using the boxes, start taking them away, one by one. I'd still leave two, as we have a fair amount of bunnies who just like having two boxes and will appropriate a corner if there aren't two.

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I agree with Jennicat, it's not hopeless! Also I've noticed that a lot of rabbits seem to stop using their boxes consistently when they are stressed - like when they first come into the shelter or first go to their new homes - and need a bit of retraining as well as just time to settle in.

I'm not sure what her story is at all - but if she was using a litter box at her old home, if you can ask them what kind of litter they used. We recently has a bunny who refused to use her litter box at our shelter and in her foster home, even though the owner who surrendered her told us that she was litter box trained. Eventually her foster mom found out that apparently she just didn't like, or wasn't use to, the type of litter we where using. As soon as it was switched, the bunny went back to using her box.

She looks like a nethie mix to me. She's the right size for one, but her ears look too big. I'd guess either a mix or a poorly bred Netherland dwarf.

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Thanks for the suggestions. She is spayed. She and another rabbit belonged to a girl who went off to college along. I was told they were kept free range in the girl's bedroom. I have her once bonded partner, a spayed female, and neither rabbit seems house trained. The pair was split up at the foster mom's home, (see "rescue gone wrong" in the rant section) because they spent all their time humping. They were seperated and put into a couple of bi-level wire bottom cages.

I had to borrow cages, and for now her cage is only 21 x 30, too small for her activity level, but I am looking for something better. She has a large litter box, which takes up half the cage. She does fine, as long as the floor is free from hay etc.. I have a 5' x 5' area with washable throw rugs that I exercise her in. I put a litter box in there and sometimes she uses it, and sometimes she doesn't. She seems happier now than when I first brought her home, so maybe with a few change, I can get her trained.

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