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what do you think?

in your opinion, why should i get a bunny for pet?? what is the good in having a bunny for pet??

( i will have a bunny soon.i love them. i just want to know your opinion about this. )

Thank you
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Well I have had bunnies for quite a few years now, everyone as individual as they come.. You can train them to know their names, all mine do and come running when I call them.. Some are not as cuddly as others, but most do like the odd cuddle or two..
Are you going to have an indoor or outdoor? My 4 all live outside in a shed in the garden, they have free run of it, plus access to a run which is locked up at night.. When I am at home they also have the garden to run around in..
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I think rabbits are the best! They make me laugh, cry & be constantly amazed by their intelligence & curiosity. I know it will be weird to a whole lot of other people, but I haven't had a single other furry creature in my life (dogs, cats, guinea pigs) that have given me this much joy or love in return.

Most of my guys live indoors, are all litter trained & have their own bedrooms to call home. Some love a cuddle, some love a pat, some are messy & some are incredibly clean, some chew & some don't. They're all different and that's what makes them so special to me.

On the other hand, rabbits are not meant for everyone & I think it should be taken into consideration as to what type of person should have a bunny. If indoors, they need a quiet environment with bunny proofed everything. I'd not recommend it if dogs were in the household (generalising!) or screaming kids (generalising again). If outside, I'd be cautious that if they're not seen regularly or interacted with at least daily, they are also not the pet for you. Rabbit health can go downhill really quickly & if you want a long & happy life for your bunny, you'll also have to know a thing or two about rabbit veterinary medicine.
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THis is my first couple of years owning rabbits, and i must say they are awesome!
Just to sit and watch them eat their veggies, they almost look at me and smile and wink. ANd to see them bunny hop is so cool, its a super sign they are happy and joyful!
I do own a dog its a shetland sheepdog and sammie is really good with the rabbits. My dog is 6 years old and the dog came first then the rabbits, and they all get along just fine. I think for dogs and other animals in all depends on the type of breed of animal and what kind of personality and relationship you have with that animal.
As for a clean rabbit, mine are all litterbox trainied. They live in doors and have free roam of the house when we are there, they jump right back into their cage to do their duty. I love my cage espeically because it has slides on the bottom, in case poop is not in the litter box, so clean is really easy. My cage is on wheels and buns have to use a wooden step stool to climb in and out. WHich is great because if they want to chew something its safe for the wooden step stool to naw on.
you do have to becarefull of wires and cords, I use the cord protectors on all of mine, so that i dont have to worry.
I am very happy, very happy owning rabbits, as a matter of fact my husband wasnt sure he was going to like rabbits but once he saw these two love birds he fell in love!!
He gives everyone kisses when he comes home from work, its wonderful!
good luck to you! Let us know if you decide on a rabbit!!!!!!

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If you are going to get a rabbit, it is best to learn all you can about how to keep your rabbit safely in the house and safely outside, so you can make the best decision for your rabbit, and if your situation changes, you will not have to get rid of your rabbit because you will have more options. My rabbits are outside in a huge hutch that has three different levels, a run attached to the back and the front opens to a garden area. When I am away from home many hours during the day, I don't have to worry about my rabbits not getting exercise because they have room to exercise in their hutch. A shed is a great place where a rabbit can be safe. The advantage of my hutch is that I was able to put windows in different places so when my rabbits go to different places in their hutch, they can see different views of the yard and it helps to keep them form getting board.
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Rabbits are nice as pets because they are trainable as some of the people above have mentioned. They can also be very sweet when they are cared for properly. And, of course, they are cute.

The disadvantages of them include that they require a lot of maintenance -- especially if they are not litter box trained ... they can bite ... and some rabbits don't live terribly long (compared to other forms of pets).

But as long as you are willing to do your part in its training and in providing love and attention then a rabbit should make a wonderful pet. Good luck!
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Thank you all for the answers!

Purplebunny: i will have my bunny indoor´s ! in a cage when i´m not at home..and free whem i am. when i have him i will post picture´s here!
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Red face

Originally Posted by Nubia

Thank you all for the answers!

Purplebunny: i will have my bunny indoor´s ! in a cage when i´m not at home..and free whem i am. when i have him i will post picture´s here!
Great I cant wait to see the pics..
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My two bun's are just great. They are a little messy, but well worth the work. They are funny, affectionate (at least in petting terms, dont force over-cuddling on bunnies), and just downright sweet. They both hop up on their hind legs when they see my husband and I, poke their nosdes through the cage bars looking for attention. They're really wonderful.
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