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What EXACTLY does "litter trained" mean?

Is it possible to fully litter train a bunny? Has anyone succeeded in doing this? Mine are trained to the extent that they pee in the box, and they CONSCIOUSLY poo in the box. You know, when they go, sit, lift up their tail and poo on purpose. But sometimes they don't seem to notice that they are pooing like when they're running around my room and leaving a trail behind themselves. So I was just wondering, is this as good as it gets, or can this be corrected?
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My sister had a rabbit that was totally litter trained. It always went in its box.
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Being litter trained means the rabbit knows he/she has to go in the box to poo and pee. If their tail hangs out and they aren't aware of it, that's still good behavior. Every bunny is not perfect and sometimes they do miss or go somewhere else, but rabbits generally are very good with litter box training. Especially in new places, rabbits love to mark their territory and won't go in their box.
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My old bunny Dylan was fully litter trained, but thats how I got him from the pet shop.. He would come into the house every evening, sit and watch TV, cuddle on the sofa with us and eat some of our dinner.. We would then tell him to go to bed, with which he would go to the back door, wait for us to open it and then run down the garden path to his shed.. He would then go straight to his litter box and go! He even taught his girlfriend Chloe to do this..
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yes litter trained means pee and poo in the box. However rabbits will mark their territory by pooping, and they'll do it even more so if they are not spayed/neutered (not sure if yours are). When you have more than rabbit out together you are bound to get a couple of poos lying around.
If your rabbit is hanging their behind over the side you can get litter trays that have a plastic rim around them...we have one for our cat..it clips on top of the tray and it's impossible for them to hang their behinds over the side.

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One of my rabbits is fully litter-trained. But most rabbits have accidents.


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The last rabbit we had (which was about 15 years ago) was fully litter trained, He'd hop back to his litter pan when he had to go.

But if he did have accidents, I don't remember them.
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Thanks for all your replies. So how do you train them to be that good? If I see my guys going in the box I'll congratulate them and pet them (or give them a treat if I have one on hand). I heard it's not advisable to reprimand them for bad behaviour since rabbits don't do that with their babies (unlike dogs and cats) so they don't learn that way. Anyway, point being I'd like to give them free range in my room. How do I teach them to always go in the box?
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have you let your rabbits have free range in your room yet? my two females have free range in my apartment most of the time- i placed two large litter boxes in the areas they first gravitated too- for example, in my living room i have a tall screen that both my bunnies decided they just had to do their business behind because it was dark and hidden back there. so, i placed a litter box with hay behind the screen and they use it now. and then in my bedroom- i placed a litter box in a corner behind a bookcase and they both use it constantly.

so- i'd recommend watching to see where your bunny first gravitates too when he/she has to go - and then place a litter box in that area and put him/her in there to show them they have a nice place to go to use the bunny bathroom. hehe.

of coarse- mine have lots of little mishaps- like they always leave little presents under my bed. but they usually always will pee in their litter box, which is alll i really care about. their droppings are pretty harmless, compared to some other pets i have. LOL
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