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what has happened to the love?

Ok i know its not the first time its happened but this is twice in 24 hrs now..whats going on?
bif approaches a snoozy bertie or a munching dinner bertie and goes under his tummy like she wants a hug and then goes to nip at his tummy..he runs she chases and it becomes an encircling session whilst moving all over the crate the run and today the lounge itself.
The more he ran away and stopped to see if she was following him the faster she ran and snapped at his tail end!
Theres the obligatory heap of pulled out bertie fluff and a mean looking bif sitting glaring at him..
they go apart and sulk and withing a few minutes are so loved up and washing..
what the heck is going on?
I would say dominance but to be so unprovoked!!
I always used to blame him..i though he got fruity with her even tho theyre both done..and she was defending hersefl..um no..its that feisty little madam!
any ideas?

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How long have they been together? Are they both fixed?
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oh they are definaletly "fixed" and have been together since 1st september 2006..but it was a few days after bif lost her love of her life
We have had things pretty rough since then.our house got flooded and we ares till living in chaos..and we did get 2 kitties but she was doing this to him before they even got here!

The vet is sending her for another dental..our usual practice did the wrong side! And shes suspected of having a cancer in her cervix/womb stump/abdomen and or a problem with ehr intestines itself.so more xrays..poo samples and bloodtests.all of which our usual practice said wasnt worth it..just feed her metacam daily up to 5 drops..
the new vet said shes sufferring severe traumatisation following being a rescue bun..being rehomed and bonded only to lose her love and be found with his body..
shes never been the same bunny since oscar died i dont think i will ever see that bunny ever agin..but she does feel safe with bertie and she does love him and he does her but even with oscar shes always been the clingy bunny and it gets too much for bertie even..

she wants nothing to do with the kittens anymore..she mothered the little boy as a wickle kitty and the little girl one followed bertie everywhere and wherever he peed or pooed..so did she!
but thenshes been letting me lay on my tummy talking toher through the pen bars
shes chased bertie again tonight and her tail went up right over her back too!

tee hee love the user name.we hada house buny..a doe..who lived alongside our old 3 cats..and her name was Kibbles!
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ps...SEPT 1sst was my b-day! sorry ..i dotn know any thing about this.. glad they are fixed

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Mine have been bonded since about Sept. Kibbles we have had since he was 12 weeks old and Zenith is a rescue rabbit. She humps him to show him who is boss and he just lets her. They are both fixed. Maybe she associates him with her pain.
I have a friend who runs a bunny rescue I will ask her about it and see what she says.
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Hmm... Maybe she just wants to let him know who's boss? Ophelia occassionally shows Oliver. I find tuffs of bunny fur from time to time. I assume it's Ophelia pulling out Oscar's fur since she is the dominant bunny but I never catch her pulling it on him.
Have you had a chat with her to let her know it's not nice to pick on Bertie and that if she continues to do so he may not want to be her friend any longer?

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