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Good for you!
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  • I agree with the whole fur as a fashion statement is not necessary thing. Fur is tacky unless it is serving a purpose, ie. keeping one insulated. Leather is different, because leather is universal. Your average person probably doesn't own a fur coat. I personally have something against fur coats because when I was a kid, I had a fur bomber jacket that came from somewhere. It had little round puffy thing hanging out of the hood on strings. My mom made me wear it a few times and everytime I wore it, fur would get everywhere. It shedded like crazy. I sneezed every few minutes when I wore it. I LOATHED that jacket. Why pay thousands of bucks for a fur coat when you can get a real live bunny at a ps for 10 bucks? And the bunny makes a good handwarmer when you hold it... We have a family friend who has a bearskin rug. I don't like that either...he killed the bear himself, and I don't think he ate the meat. Now the poor bear is walked on by people and is a decoration.
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Well I wear leather but not real fur......it doesn't get cold enough in aus to need fur but leather does serve it's purpose. We have a lot of fake fur trimmings around jackets etc. It really doesn't look like fur and is obviously fake but yes I do own one of those jackets. Some people say I'm promoting killing for fur but I don't see it that way....I prefer the look of the fake fur as well. I can understand them using rabbit skin if they are getting it off meat rabbits etc. I don't get how anybody could buy a fur coat that was made from an endangered species. Too me that is disgustingly wrong....killing for fashion only and risk losing a species for good is what needs to be addressed.

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Yes, don't even get me started on killing wildcats for their coats! How terrible! That is purely for fashion, they are not raised for the fur (rather "harvested" out of the wild breeding population...at least mink are raised domestically, and even fox fur is usually from domestic ones), and they are further endangering an already hurting species.
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endangered species

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