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what is linebreeding?

Hi Everyone
I am new to this board and I would like to know what is linebreeding, could anyone please explain to me what it is and how it works.
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Hey there

Definition according to the dictionary
a scheme that attempts to maintain a high contribution of one or two ancestors through successive generations. Often used by breeders for any inbreeding less intensive than between first-degree relatives.

An article on the subject:

It's basically "inbreeding" with a "feel good twist". Sometimes done out of irresponsibility but usually done in an attempt to better/strengthen the breed.
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It should only be done by someone that really knows the background of their animals. Aswell as bringing out the best attributes of an animal it can also bring out the worst.
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If done properly, the breeder should come up with a "line" of animals that are faithful to the breed, but at the same time share some characteristics among them. They usually take a big group of females (non related) and use males that all have different degrees of relationship with a common ancestor, and rotate them in their breedings to have offspring that has certain desired characteristics of that common ancestor.
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True linebreeding is breeding back to the same sire or dam. So you would breed a buck and a doe, then take a female offspring to breed back to the sire. Out of that litter you would breed back to the same sire, and so on.

It is a form of inbreeding. Used correctly, it can be a very good thing for the breed. It can let a breed know right away if they have a genetic problem that they need to breed out. It can solidify a line so that the line reproduces its excellence even when bred to a poorer quality animal. The whole idea of inbreeding is to select for rabbits that have two of the same genes and polygenes (subgenes, if you will) that are desirable (like two genes for short ears). It doubles up the genes of the parents. Some of the kits will have double the bad genes, some will have double the good genes. So you take the ones that have double the good genes and breed them back together.

If you join the American Rabbit Breeders Association, there is a linebreeding chart in their guidebook. http://www.tsukiyo.org/Showing/arba.html has a list of the many benefits you get as an ARBA member and links to an application you can print out and send in to join. It is well worth it for both breeders and pet owners.
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Thanx everyone for replying .
The information helped thanx again.
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