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Question White stuff on her head?

just to keep you posted, i recently took dusty to our vet because she was pulling out alot of her fur from around her neck (she's a lionhead so plenty there lol) and the vet said she thinks she is pregnant and was making a nest...silly bunny...

at the same time she took a liking to sitting under the dripping water bottle in her hutch, i moved the bottle but she still sat under it and she was getting wet hair on top of her head (well, what is left of it anyway) and her hair became all stuck together with dry white stuff. the vet said she is very healthy, no ear infections, skin problems or anything + i have no idea what this white stuff is! Could it be from getting wet hair? It's knotted up all her fur and it takes ages to brush out... i don't want to brush her on her face area too much incase i hurt her so i may end up cutting the matted bit out

Any comments anyone?
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Lightbulb Mystery white stuff

Do you use tap water for your bun? Could it maybe be salt deposits from a water softener as the water evaporates from the nip? Just a thought. Could also be a natural reaction to the enzymes in your buns saliva and the metal of the bottle spout. I don't think it is too much to be concerned about unless she begins acting ill. Hope this helps or at least gives a few ideas about the situ.
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Could it maybe be salt deposits from a water softener as the water evaporates
I had wondered this, and i think it could possibly be that. Another thought we had last night was as she is being more terrotorial because of her fake pregnancy and she has weed up the sides of her hutch in the end where shes made the nest, maybe shes rubbed along the wall?! Seems odd... anyway my mum detangled it for me yesterday and i'll keep up with the brushing so hopefully it wont get like it again.

Thanks for posting!
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ear infection, ear infections, tap water

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