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Wild Baby Bunnies

My husband was in the backyard last night when he hears this insane screeching. He comes to notice that one of my dogs has a baby bunny in his mouth. The bunny is okay it has a small wound on it's back. Anyways, he finds the whole nest and takes it in.

I know you're not supposed to take the bunnies from their nest unless you know for sure the mother is dead, but my husband's cat would have most likely found them and killed them and there is a good chance he has already killed the mother.

Anyways, I was just wondering if anyone has good tips on how to raise them. Their ears are not yet erect and their eyes are not opened yet. They have all their fur and are about 57g.

Thanks for your help.
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I would highly recommend against trying to rear them yourself. Try to track down a wildlife rehabber if you can.
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Honestly you should have left them there. I would suggest taking them to a wildlife rehabiltator. It is illegal to take in wild animals in Indiana. Where in IN do you live? I can help you find a rehabilator. Wild rabbits are very hard to raise and should be done by a professional.
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Yup. Wild bunnies are nearly impossible to raise. Look for a rehabilitator.
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should had left them there...
yes also, you know rabbit mothers only feed there babies about once a day? so she would rarely be with the nest. also the mother wouldnt had built the nest where there were dogs. so i wouldnt think it would be in a place where your cats or dogs often are.
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its illigal to keep doves in michigan, but i did anyways LOL they are only babys so if someone wants to be an a-hole and report someone for caring for some babys then i dont care i will get in trouble. thats what i said about my baby dove. but a wild life reserve will work or you can try by yourself. GOOD LUCK
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It might've been better to just leave them then to hand-raise. Please try to get them to a rehab center.


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Maybe I should clarify. The nest is in our backyard that's fenced in. The dogs are almost always outside. The cat has killed a full grown rabbit in the past and if he had found the babies, they would be as good as dead. If my dog could find them, the cat I'm sure could find them. I have been looking into rehabilitaion centers, my vet helps the DNR from time to time as well. Thanks for all your helpful tips.
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My dad hit a baby bunny on a Saturday afternoon with his tiller in the garden. It had a bad wound on his leg. I tried to take care of him but he ended up dying Sunday night. I was waiting until Monday to take him to DNR since they're not open on weekends.

I got him some alfalfa hay, and rabbit pellets, and fed him with a dropper. I usually fed him water but sometimes I fed him kitten formula. He was basically in shock so he died.

You should have left the nest, but it is a good thing that you are trying to help them out.

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smjdye - i feel what you did by bringing them in could be for the best - the babies would have been dead for sure if your dogs knew where the nest was. and if you moved the nest- the mother may not have found them, or killed them herself if she sensed they were in danger. my ex-boyfriends dad found a nest of baby rabbits in their front yard last year under a big tree!!! the nest was uncovered, so they put some grasses back over them to re-cover the nest. they were so adorable. and sure- the babies were fine for a few days until their dog Sadie found the nest and killed them all, and brought some dead babies on the porch and it was so disgusting. so i completely understand why you brought them in.

i sometimes think wild animals are all types of confused these days with so much land being ripped away from them, and so now they build nests almost anywhere. it is sad. but i do agree with evryone that you should definately try and get them to an animal rehab center b/c they are so young and really need serious caring after to have a chance at making it. good luck with everything!
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For all of you who think that I endangered the babies, I just found my husband's dumb cat with a wild rabbit not too much older than the babies I saved. I tried to chase him away from it, went inside to get a towel to bring it in and save it, came back outside and the cat had run away with it somewhere. Sorry you think I did the wrong thing, but I didn't want my yard littered with their dead bodies.
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I think everyone just wanted to be sure that you got it to a rehabilitator. Taking care of them yourself vs. leaving it in the yard is a deathtrap either way. But you said you were contacting someone to help the baby, right? That's good. I hope it all works out.
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Unfortunatly that is the way life is. My mom has a field in her back yard and I see hawks, etc picking up baby rabbits all the time. Doesn't mean I go running out there and take them out of thier nest. I believe that you should just leave wild animals alone. Even if you think your doing something for the best, most of the time its not.

I hope that you did take them to a re-habilitator. I gave you a link to a list of ones in Indiana.
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i'm sorry you had to see the cat with the baby bunny. that is terrible. i know how disturbing it feels to see these poor little animals suffer. however, at least you saved the others hopefully.
with some luck maybe the mother rabbit will not leave anymore nests in your area... we had the cutest wild rabbits at our apartment complex but they have all gone now b/c the stray cat population has risen... so our problem here is always seeing little starving kittens that no one can catch! ah! there are just too many animals to be saved in this world. i say just do what you can, when you can. but sorry again about seeing the cat get the baby bunny! oh, have you heard any news on the litter you brought in?
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