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Wild Rabbit

Today my dad came in with a little bunny that he said he hit with his rototiller when he was working in the garden. All the bunny has is a little cut on his ear and a pretty decent size gash on his hind leg. He can still kinda jump around (I'm sure he's in pain though).
I toook him and cleaned out the cut with some antibacterial soap and rinsed it really well with saline solution. I need to get some antibiotic cream for it. I think Monday I'm calling the wildlife rescue place to come get him. I think he'll survive, but being that he's wild, I don't think there will be much I can do. I know he'll probably need antibiotics.
Right now he's in a rubbermaid tote, with some water, some soggy bread and some mouse food (that was all I had) It has a lot of oats and seeds in it instead of sunflower seeds and corn, so I think that'll be okay for now. I know rabbits need their own pellets but my only concern now is keeping him a live. He looks like he would be the right age to be weened, but he still in tiny.
Does anyone have any suggestions for me to take care of him, or is there anything I should give him to keep him comfortable? I only plan on having him until monday. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Wow that's a lot of stuff to remember. My dad got him some kitten formula, that I mixed with water and heat up a little bit. We got him an eye dropper but he's not taking the milk, so I might get one of those special ones with the skinny tip that you can kinda stick in their mouth.
He has rabbit pellets and alfalfa hay in there if he wants it. I don't think he's old enough to be away from mom yet. He has a towel in there to snuggle up in and I covered his cage with a towel to kinda keep out the light and sounds and to keep him warm.
I guess thats the best I can do, I'll just have to keep trying to feed him. I think after tonight if he survives, he'll be okay.
I don't plan on keeping him, just calling a rescue place to see what they can do. I don't want him to die, but I can't keep my hopes up either.

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alfalfa hay, rabbit pellets, sunflower seeds

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