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hi everyone!! I just thought I would post this, since it is very exciting. I unfortunately lost my ferret about a month ago, but since then, have been looking to get a bunny!! well, I went home for thanksgiving, and my mom surprised me with a free bunny!! one of the girls working for her could no longer keep her bun, so I get her!! I've had her for a little over a week now, and she is the sweetest thing!! her name is rencia (they thought she was a boy and named her lawrence, found out she was a girl, and changed it to lawrencia, rencia for short). I was just wondering what first-time bunny mom advice you all had!! also, I was wondering if she would be better off with another bunny friend, or if she would be fine by herself. I have enough time to let her out for three-ish hours a day at least and she has a pretty big cage, I'd say 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 by 4?? she's 4 or 5 and has lived by herself for the entire time...
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Smile Congrats on the bunn.

I recomend(sp) getting the Rabbits USA mag. it is a annual publication but filled with good information I got it shortly after getting our bunn. also this forum has been a great sorce of information. Another sight to check out is animaldreamz.com
Also rabbitsonly.com. Do not forget the hey should have hey available 24/7 for digestion perposes. enogh info for now I chat with you later.


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I personally think rabbits do better in pairs but if she's been alone for that long it may be difficult to introduce a new bunny. As long as she gets plenty of attention she'll be fine .

I highly suggest going to http://www.rabbit.org. It has a TON of useful info .

Also, if your bunny isn't spayed yet it may be something worth looking in to .


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congratulations on your new bunny! that is very exciting news!

her cage sounds great- but if you want to get her a bunny-buddy i would suggest doing it soon - as your place is still new territory to her. the longer she is with you the more territorial she will get. this is especially true with female rabbits. also, i'd suggest getting a male rabbit as a companion. that would be the easiest bonding pair.

however- if she is four or five already she is probably more than fine on her own. i know having two rabbits always sounds like the ideal situation- but thats not always realistic. for example- i got my two rabbits 4 months apart and to this day they will kill eachother if let anywhere near eachother. i too wanted my first rabbit to have a friend- but it turns out she would have been much happier on her own. although- i love my second rabbit so much that i would still do it all over again. they are both so very special to me.

i guess my point is just be ready to keep them seperated forever in case they dont bond, and if you do get another bunny i would try and adopt one the same age since Rencia is 4 or 5, unless.

this is just my thoughts on the subject, i do think my first rabbit would have accepted a male, but i accidentally got a female and so this is why i think they fight. both are spayed too! so i was surprised they didnt bond better...

anyway! i'll stop rambling now! just wanted to tell you a rabbit can be happy on its own as long as you pay lots of attention to her. but if you get another i wish you all the best and hope they bond quickly and become best-buds!

good luck with whatever you decide! rabbits are indeed very special pets/friends/family members.
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Congrats on your new bunny.. Great advice already given, I personally think you should have at least one bunny as they do like company, if this not an option then make sure you give her loads of love and attention and time..
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