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Exclamation Yippie

i posted about getting two of my rabbits together and here is a story about how it went.

i was at work looking at all the rabbits and i was thinking why can't my two females be like that ?
So when i got home i got both of them and went to a neutral territory. I was really nervous at first but i though that i should put the harness on my bigger rabbit. This made me feel better about them being together.

Now i thought they were going to go crazy and really fight...to my surprisement they didn't at all. So i thought this is great. So i started to let me get together more and more then my female silver fox started to hump my other female (sorry to put it so bluntley). I thought Oh this is probably normal but then i started to see my SF (silver fox) biting her... at this point i didn't know whether she should be doing it or not. So i stopped her. She done the humpying act many times and was biting her so i thought to myself about this website...

i remember someone saying that you should put them side by side so they didn't fight. So i did it and they both laid there quiet relaxed but as soon as the were running around my SF started to hump her again.

So i thought that i would come on her and ask what i need to do do i continue to let her do the business or should i stop them from meeting.
Is there any suggestions that will help me in the aid of getting my females together. I'm not going to spay them though.
I think i may of been told that the 'humping' act was an act of dominace and it was done to sort out the pecking order...

please help lol

thanks for reading ruth xx
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Jird Jostler
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It is dominance, they should sort it out.

I'm Georgia,
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During the humpy thing it looks as though they are biting once in a while...but I would suggest not to let the biting happen if it is hurting the other bunny. Separate them like before side by side and push both their heads down...you are dominant. Let them relax and then release them. Usually...during our bonding experience...the fighting looked like circling and biting...we would stop the session and try again another time. You don't want to let a fight to begin. I'm not sure about bonding females but I do believe we would not have had success with bonding ours until our female was fixed. I wasn't sure how to tell which one was dominant but read that the bunny being groomed is the dominant one. Good Luck and have patience.
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Honestly, and I don't want to sound mean, but if your not going to spay them I wouldn't try to bond them. Unspayed females are more territoral, and they could get along for awhile then start fighting randomly. I don't know where you work, but pet store rabbits are almost always very young, and they all get along because they haven't hit sexual maturity yet. Hormones make them more unpredictable. Rabbit fights can be serous and they could really hurt each other if your not around one day and they start fighting. If you want them to interact, you could keep them in seperate cages but let them out for play time together while you're there to watch them in case something happens.

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no... it's like a farm where i work they are 1-7 yrs of age... they all get along fine :d
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