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I went to HP4 at the cinema with my boyfriend. When they showed that whipspider we were all like.. Oohh, nice specimen! Yours need a couple more molts before reaching that size!
You should have seen the faces of the people next to us
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I went through a stage where I was absolutely terrified of insects.As a kid I would collect bugs,then I got bit& got really sick [I was a sick kid in general] THEN a year or so later I got stung & back to the hospital.From there on,I absolutely got terrified of bugs& spiders& many creepy crawlies! Within the last few months I started warming up to bugs etc & now I just find them so fasinating! I LOVE bugs now.I want a chilean rose hair tarantula Grammostola rosea <I know,spiders arent bugs >.
I love the color on the martinique tree spider though as well (but know nothing on them yet) Scientific name: Avicularia versicolor.
I'm a fan of mantids & stick bugs though xD None of these I ever had the pleasure of owning though!

Anyone here take a course in entomology? [my spelling is probably off ]

[EDiT] I found this neat little site Entomolgy for Beginners
It's just a general fun site.Mentions some quotes & proverbs also mentioning bugs,from harry potter books& even in the bible & other sources also.
It's not a site to get a course in entomology I think it's targeted towards kids

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I was always terrified of just about any type of invertebrate, whether it be insect, arachnid, etc. However, when I was doing wetland work, I had to identify aquatic invertebrates, I pretty much got over any fear I had of those critters. As prehistoric as some of them look - they're not following me out of the water, lol. I'm still a little sketchy about terrestrial inverts, but not like I used to be. I can appreciate invertebrates in general a lot more since I had to spend so much time studying them in order to indentify the aquatic nymphs.

That does not mean I want them crawlin' around my house! I have put around mint extract, cuz it's supposed to deter them.

I had to take a couple entomology classes when I was in grad school, but they were really on the periphery. One was an insecticide toxicology class and the other was some kind of pest management course. There may have been a's a little foggy now, lol.
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i must say i used to be terrified of spiders, and i would kill them for no reason. but in my basement on my frogs tankstand a female spider made a web. she was very skinny and her abdomen was very small, so i fed her a cricket from the frog feeder cricket tank, she ate it right away and got so fat, so i kept feeding her so she wouldnt die b/c apparently my house is bug free...anyway shes layed 3 batches? of eggs and one started to hatch last week, and now yesterday she mustve mated again b/c theres a dead male she ate in her web, i have no idea what kind of spider she is, im just caring for her...
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