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sick baby beardie

i have a baby beardie ive only hate it for almost a week.. it did really good all week eating properly and all up until last night. he only ate 5 crickets for dinner.. this morning he wouldnt eat at all. he has slept all day and barely moving.. a few times his whole bottom has jerked almost looking like he has the hiccups.. it had a bowel movement and i gave it a warm bath to try and relax it incase it was stopped up. nothin he just lays his head over and closes his eyes as if he is very weak. if i hold him and rub his head he just lays down and sleeps until he realizes i have stopped rubbing. i am very worries about it.. i have a heat bulb and for at night a red heat light.. the tank stays 80 to 85 and in the basking area it is 105-110. today i purchased a 7.0 slimline desert lamp uvb bulb for it. i know i should have purchased it earlier. i believe i have all the proper supplies i just dont know whats wrong with charlie
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I don;t have any help other than say VET
Hope he gets better

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I have an adult.
First: What gender
Second: As they are babies they dont it as much. An adult should get no more than 10 crickets or insects a day, but then again, the older they get the more lettuce. Try giving him lettuce,
If they don't eat, they might have to go take a
Mine has gone weeks without eating. I might leave him alone from holding him but watch him carefully.
I guess you can check him out at the vet.
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Okay he definitely needs a dependable reptile/exotics vet soon. For a young dragon to suddenly go down hill, there would usually be one of two problems, parasites, or the beginning stages of MBD. If he has parasites, your vet will do a fecal and basically de-worm him, end of problem. Fairly cheap.

Metabolic bone disease (mbd) is another matter. It can become deadly quickly and it happens because the animal doesn't have enough calcium. This is especially dangerous in young fast growing animals like baby beardies because they are growing bones that require calcium so quickly!

Yes, you should have had a UVB bulb immediately, they can't live without out, not having it keeps them from being able to process vit. D3 and calcium. Also, the bulb you have now is cheap and likely does not have the microwatts necessary to do the job. You need a reptisun 5.0 or 10.0 depending on size of the tank. These are available at large chain pet stores such as petsmart, petco, etc.

Also you should have a vitamin supplement to dust your crickets with that includes calcium and vitamin d3.

If it's metabolic bone disease your vet will likely give you a strong calcium supplement to give for a few weeks, and may also give an injection.

In the meantime, whether it's parasites or mbd, not eating or drinking is dangerous for a little guy, so make an appt immediately but you may also want to force feed. This gets kinda gross, but on the plus side can help you build a trusting relationship with the new guy. You need to get something with electrolytes and not a lot of sugar (pedialyte, gatorade), a jar of baby food fruit, a jar of high protein baby food such as beef or veil, etc, and some reptile vitamin supplement dust with calcium and d3 (again available in most chain stores.) Mix all of this together and put it in an eyedropper or needleless syringe. Administer as much as you can manage about twice a day until you can see the vet. This will at least keep him from dehydrating and going down hill further.
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metabolic bone disease, pet store, pet stores

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