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What kind of moss is this?

I was wondering what kind of moss this is in the picture?

My roommate uses it for his White's Tree Frog (in the picture), but I was thinking he could use a little of it to make a "humidified shelter" for his Leopard Gecko (he's having shedding problems).

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I have no idea how to begin to determine the moss type, but if it is "clean" moss, (Meaning it has not been in another cage with another animal) I would say that it would be great to make a Humidified selter for his Leopard Geckol. You just don't want to use contaminated moss to protect the animals from germs.
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The moss in the picture is Peat moss. It would be a good choice if humidity is what you are looking for. In WWI, a lot of households turned to peat moss when cotton was in short supply. It is actually more absorbant that cotton! For awhile it was even used under band-aids ... go figure.

One thing that I would like you to consider though is this: peat moss takes 100's of years to form. Right now, it is being harvested in a destructive way and basically being destroyed in it's natural habitat. Whether you still choose to use it is your decision.

Another thing to consider is that it decomposes quickly and has to be changed often. In other words, it is high maintenence.

Speaking of that frog in the picture, peat moss is also acidic. I wouldn't recommend it for porous amphibians. In industry, it is often used to grow other mosses and carnivorous plants which tend to thrive in slightly acidic soil ... so....

Well, good luck and tell your friend it would be beneficial to his gecko but perhaps not so much with his frog.

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